Which type of shoes are best for shalwar kameez?

The dynamism of your clothing can be instantly improved with the correct shoe types. But they are frequently disregarded. There is no disputing that dresses and gowns are stunning, glitzy outfits that demand careful consideration. An excellent outfit that is frequently ignored is the salwar kameez. It has its own unique grace and charm. Pakistan’s national clothing is a traditional and cozy garment that is also widely worn in India. Both men and women can wear salwar kameez. Women’s versions come with a dupatta and are created with a feminine flair. The three components of a traditional Punjabi salwar suit are the salwar, kameez, and dupatta. There are many different salwar kameez styles to choose from, from lovely trendy clothing to exquisite and classic. Your typical pair of sneakers would not look appropriate with a salwar kameez. If you’ve chosen to wear a set of salwar kameez men for a specific event but are unsure of what jutti to go with, worry no more. Here are some type of shoes that will look best with shalwar kameez men:

Sleek loafers

If you want to dress comfortably, safely, and with a variety of clothing, go with that. You can spend money on a nice pair of loafers for your wedding because they are a wonderful option for footwear with shalwar kameez men that you can wear to a wedding celebration and can be worn to other parties and meetings in the future.

Kolhapuri chappal

You can choose to wear something more traditional for your pre-wedding events, such as these Kolhapuri Chappals, which are suitable for daytime events and are fairly comfy to wear, especially in the summer. When choosing footwear for a shalwar kameez men, these chappals are a great option.

Peshawari chappal

In the Sub-continent, Peshawari Chappal needs no introduction. In Pakistan and several regions of India, men frequently wear this type of summer footwear with their traditional Shalwar Kameez men and Kurtas. It resembles a sandal more than a slipper. Chappal, which is occasionally referred to as “Kheri,” has a history dating back over a century. It first appeared in the ancient cities of Peshawar and Charsadda. But hold on, chappals are now becoming friends with jeans, and a new trend of wearing chappals as summer shoes is gaining popularity every day. Truck tires are frequently used to make the sole. Pure leather is used in both the sole and the upper of the Chappal to guarantee that first-time users feel comfortable wearing them.


Traditional footwear cannot be worn with a Shalwar Kurta appearance. Khussa will  go well with your Chickenkari shalwar kameez. You can select from a wide range, including Khaddar, Denim, and Camo khussas.

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