What is Included in an Occupational Health Screening?


A range of employee medical checks mandated by companies are referred to as “occupational health checks” in this context. The main goal is to stop illnesses and injuries related to the workplace. Most of the time, it can tell whether a worker is a good fit for a given position. For instance, jobs requiring physical prowess like lifting heavy objects will demand a health check

Medical Check For Employment

 There are numerous ways to conduct a medical screening for employment. Some tests, like personality or aptitude tests, are rather straightforward and are used by companies to better understand your working style and talents.

Occupational Health Screening

Depending on the position you are looking for (or already hold), and the company in question, each occupational health exam will encompass several different topics. You will need to submit a health assessment form and have a physical exam performed by a licensed medical expert, at the very least.

Musculoskeletal Assessment/Questionnaire

The goal of the musculoskeletal examination is to identify uncomfortable bones or soft tissue structures and gauge the patient’s range of motion.

Skin Examination

A  skin assessment entails examining a person’s skin to search for any indications of professional skin disease or itchy skin that could increase a person’s risk of developing dermatitis.

Respiratory Examination

Examination, manipulation, percussion, and auscultation are used in the respiratory assessment along with a thorough medical history. Comparing results between the left and right using a systematic approach will allow the patient to act as his control.


A quick exam known as vision screening mostly determines how you can see things near and far away. An eye test is another name for it. How well you can notice certain features from a set distance is measured through a visual acuity test.

Colour Perception (Ishihara)

The Ishihara Test generates numbers out of spots which are a darker color from the surrounding dots to assess one’s colour vision. In contrast to someone with normal vision, a person who is color blindness will perceive each of these dots as having the same color.


A urine test is known as a urinalysis. It is used to identify and treat a variety of illnesses, including urinary tract infections.

Routine Medical Checkup

A typical physical exam provides a general evaluation of your state of health. Your company may choose a doctor to provide the physical examination required for your job, or your regular doctor may perform it. Your reflexes, vision, and hearing may be tested, and the doctor may also inquire about your general health.

Alcohol or Drug test

Only in the case of a contingent job offer may managers administer drug and alcohol tests. Your saliva, perspiration, hair, or urine may be subjected to a drug or alcohol test to determine the presence of either substance. Typically, you need to schedule a time at an outside institution to perform this test, and the business may give your employer a straight report of the results.

Test for Heart Health

A heart-healthy test may be part of your physical examination or it may be something you need to do on your own. The doctor might take your pulse, measure your blood pressure, and use a stethoscope to listen to your heartbeat. You might also undergo a urine test to determine your salt, potassium, or cholesterol levels.

Physical Tests, Such as Jogging or Lifting Weights

Physical endurance, strength, flexibility, and speed can all be evaluated through physical testing. These examinations could entail lifting a particular amount of weight or performing simple activities like pushups, or running laps. Typically, only jobs that need physical fitness, like policing and working in a warehouse, will ask you to take a physical ability test.

Psychiatric Evaluation

There are numerous ways to conduct a mental employment health examination. These exams could inquire about your emotional health, past experiences with depression, or tense situations. These employment psychological health assessments are frequently used by employers to determine whether you might require any reasonable adjustments to care for your psychological health.


Some vocations, such as those requiring heavy work or other physical activity, call for a certain level of physical fitness. Compare the responsibilities of an office worker and a fireman. Pre-existing conditions that make an employee more vulnerable to the impacts of hazardous materials or other hazards on the job can be found during employee health checks.

To control the long-term health repercussions, workers who have been subjected to industrial dangers like poisons or other substances occasionally get medical exams. Regular employee health checks can identify any health risks present at work and allow employers to implement improvements to worker safety and health. After completing a task that involved risks that could later affect health, specific health exams are occasionally performed.

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