water parks fresno california  The Good  the Bad and the Ugly


Island Water Park is definitely one of the best waterparks I have gone too. I love all the slides and the lazy river and wave pool. My only complaints are, the lady at the front counter overcharged me for a drink. My food was about $6 and she charged me $10.


water parks fresno california are a great way to cool off in the summer. They’re also a good way to spend some time with family or friends. However, not all waterparks are created equal. Island is one of those parks that falls in between okay and great. The slides are nice but there’s nothing too extreme for thrill seekers. There’s also plenty of food options but they can be pricey depending on what you order.

What You Should Know Before You Go:

The good about this water park is that it has water parks fresno california There are plenty of choices for everyone’s mood. It also has a lazy river, wave pool, and a kiddie area with lots of water toys to play with. If you want food or drinks you have to bring your own or buy them there because they don’t sell anything except ice cream which is really expensive. They will charge you an arm and a leg for anything they do sell so it’s best to not buy anything while you are there unless you just want some ice cream. For example my sister paid $5 for an orange juice but she didn’t know that was going to be how much it cost until she got up to the counter.

Positive Aspects:

All of the  water parks fresno california  lot of fun to go down. They have a very nice wave pool with lots of seatingIt has plenty of life guards around to keep an eye on everyone.
You can eat next to the water park so you don’t have to leave if you’re hungry or thirsty. Negative Aspects: -I had a problem at the front desk where they overcharged me for my drink. -The food at this waterpark is too expensive for what you get. -They make it hard to find food if you’re not near the concession stand

Negative Aspects:

-The lady at the front counter overcharged me for a drink. My food was about $9, which is not bad but I was expecting to pay less. -The park has limited lifeguards on duty. It is almost impossible to find one when you need one. -If you do not get your wristband checked before going down a slide, they will not let you go on it again without paying again.

Tips For First-Timers:

I love all the slides and the lazy river at  water parks fresno california I also like that they have a wave pool that you can ride waves in. My only complaints are, the lady at the front counter overcharged me for a drink. My food was about $8 dollars but it didn’t taste very good so I just ate one of my hot dogs which was cheaper than buying food there because it’s kinda pricey. One thing I really didn’t like is that you can’t get out of one tube without going through another tube first. This means you have to go down one tube then walk up a staircase to get to another tube which is annoying if you don’t feel like walking or if you’re wearing clothes that might get wet from going up stairs.

Cost Breakdown:

There is a parking fee which costs $5 for each vehicle. If you want to buy food on-site it will cost about $10 for a meal. All of the water slides are included in your admission price but if you want to do any of the activities like go down one of the many water parks fresno california or ride on a tube through one of their pools with waves then you have to pay an additional fee for those as well. In order to use any of the vending machines there is an additional fee so be sure to bring cash with you if you plan on buying anything.

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