Traditional Bathroom Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

The inspiration for the traditional bathrooms comes from the trends, designs, and materials from the bygone era. All such bathrooms have classic elegance and a highly relaxing and calming environment. These are generally inspired by Victorian, Gregorian, and colonial eras. But that does mean that such design is perfectly era-specific. You can get inspiration from any of these era designs and create your own perfect space for relaxing and rejuvenating.

In this blog, we will discuss different traditional design ideas that will help you achieve the type of classic look you want in the bathroom.

Choose Natural Material for The Surfaces.

When it comes to the traditional bathroom, you should focus on choosing natural material surfaces. For example, where you need, use the stones like marble, granite, and slate for the countertop sink and bathtub, wall tiles, and floors. You can choose various design options for the tiles from a bygone era like hexagonal, subway, and penny.

Mix and Match Designs from Different Eras.

Most traditional bathrooms are a mix and match of different elements from the bygone era. You don’t need to follow the pattern from the same era but can include parts from various ages as per your choices. However, you may feel it difficult to make harmonies between such designs. For example, a Victorian-style victory tap may not look good with a vintage vanity unit. or traditional style victory taps may be a good pick for a bathtub with a traditional bathroom. You can follow any design pattern if it looks aesthetically pleasing. But make sure it does not give a cluttered look.

Prefer Natural Wood Bathroom Furniture.

There was no MDF or engineered wood in the vintage times. Therefore, the traditional bathroom tends to have a bathroom vanity unit made from natural wood. For example, cherry, oak, pine, and ply should be the material for your bathroom storage. You should ensure the material and quality are good with various traditional patterns on the vanity unit. In addition, it will have claws and sits on the floor. simply a toilet with natural wood Wall hung toilet seat.

Pick Classic Style Bathroom Fittings and Fixtures

Bathroom fittings and fixtures are the biggest part of your traditional bathroom. These should be styled and designed for classic looks. The toilet, sink, bathtub, or any other similar item features distinctive style patterns that we commonly find in traditional bathrooms. For example, a bath made with porcelain instead of acrylic or any other stone can be a great addition to your bathroom. These usually are freestanding claw foot baths that come in different shapes.

Use Dark and Neutral Colour Combinations.

Traditional bathrooms also have a distinctive color scheme that makes them different from the contemporary style. The colors in such bathrooms tend to be primary with a various mix of darker and lighter tones. The purpose of using such colors is to give warmth, satisfaction, and calmness that usually is a part of traditional looks. The color for the paint and floor that you should prefer is white, ivory, grey, brown, and various shades of blue, green, and red. What combination will work best depending on your preference? You tend to avoid eye-catching colors on bathroom fixtures and walls.

Metal Bathroom Accessories

Traditional bathroom accessories are, although small but a significant part of vintage décor. Most of these are made with metal with specific design patterns featuring a bygone era. One thing that is common in all of them is that these give your bathroom a sophisticated look. You can use iron, bronzes, and steel material in lights, taps, hanging, etc. Moreover, there are various types of antique decoration pieces that look perfect in traditional bathrooms. These are usually simple and sleek designs with superior quality finish featuring ancient times. Another example of such accessories can be a mirror with some vintage touches are a great way to add elegance to your traditional bathroom.

Traditional Bathroom Design Tips

In case you are planning for a traditional bathroom, we recommend you follow any of the following design regimes.

  • Wood Paneling on the Floor. If you wish to have the wood paneling on the bathroom floor, then it is a good idea to choose vintage travertine tiled patterns on the floor. That will look great with neutral color wall paint like grey, beige, cream, etc. You should match it with a toilet seat or a bathtub A natural wood bathroom cabinet will perfectly complement such décor.
  • Wall Papers with Golden Patterns. Waterproof bathroom wallpapers are not only for the modern bathroom. You can use any such gold pattern wallpaper with complex design and texture in your traditional bathroom. It will make your space look classy and inviting.
  • Experimenting with Different Colours. Various neutral color combinations can make your bathroom an elegant space. For example, light cream color walls and floor can look great with the same color countertop sink. You can also add a wooden framed bathroom mirror over the vanity unit further enhance its look. Another color scheme may be a bold bright blue color combination that is calming and sophisticated at the same time. or similar blue color tile on the floor or wall with a neutral color theme can be a great way to add a vintage touch to your space

Final Thoughts.

A traditional bathroom does have to be boring. By using various combinations of vintage-inspired elements like bold and dramatic colors, metal lights, hangers, and other accessories, wooden framed mirrors can easily create an aesthetically pleasing classic design bathroom. The key focus for such bathrooms is creating a soothing, comfortable, and relaxing space. You will need to install fixtures like a bathtub, taps, or New Toilet with a focus on traditional elements.

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