top Water Parks in Californian Top Attractions & What Sets Them Apart


 Wild Rivers at Irvine Spectrum Center:

Wild Rivers is one of top Water Parks in Californian most popular water parks, and it’s easy to see why. Although it is a little outside of LA, Wild Rivers offers a full day of fun with its 24 water slides, wave pool, lazy river and water coaster. A former competitor on America’s Got Talent, Alli Bautista can be seen performing at Wild Rivers several days a week. The park also has private cabanas available for rent as well as group packages that include lunch or dinner and tickets to rides or shows.

 Raging Waters at Concord Mills:

top Water Parks in Californian at Concord Mills is a combination water park and shopping mall. This 42-acre water park boasts six huge slides and plenty of swimming pools, along with great food and shops for all ages. Plus, it’s a great way to keep cool when you’re exploring Concord or visiting in hot summers. If there’s one downside, it’s that Raging Waters can get crowded on weekends during peak seasons. And if you’re looking for family fun that doesn’t include tubing or swimming, then Raging Waters might not be your cup of tea. But overall, it has everything you’d expect from a great waterpark: slides, lots of sun, and tons of choices for everyone in your party.

 Paradise Cove in Malibu:

Paradise Cove is located on a beautiful, secluded beach just south of Los Angeles. It boasts seven water slides, pools for kids and adults, cabana rentals and plenty of gorgeous views. The  top Water Parks in Californian is very expensive but can accommodate large groups; it’s especially popular with high school and college classes. The facility itself has very few services aside from food, drinks and restrooms (which are plentiful), which means that you’ll want to bring your own towels if you want to lounge by any of the pools or use any of their private cabanas. It can get very crowded during peak summer days so be sure to go early if you don’t want to deal with crowds. This park is best enjoyed when guests have some free time to enjoy its myriad offerings.

 SeaWorld San Diego’s Aquatica:

SeaWorld San Diego is one of Southern California’s best-known attractions and its Aquatica water park offers a great combination of fun and relaxation. SeaWorld’s fast passes, which can cut your wait times dramatically, are available for both Aquatica and its adjacent sister park, SeaWorld San Diego. SeaWorld also has multi- top Water Parks in Californian passes that include admission to both Aquatica and SeaWorld San Diego. Some days (typically weekends) feature early entry hours, when you can show up early to enjoy certain rides before regular park visitors arrive.

Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags Magic Mountain:

No list of top Water Parks in Californian would be complete without Six Flags’ annual hurricane. A stand-alone water park, Hurricane Harbor is one of the largest and most impressive places to get soaked on a hot day. Since it’s not part of any Six Flags theme park, you don’t need a general admission ticket to visit Hurricane Harbor—and you can leave at any time, as long as you’ve paid for entry. The park offers every kind of water ride you could want from racing slides to body slides.

 Boomers! in Riverside County:

Boomers! is an old-fashioned, small and simple water park located a short distance from Lake Elsinore. Boomers! boasts three large swimming pools, six water slides and one kiddie pool. The only attraction here that doesn’t involve a lot of splashing around is zip line. The park also has a hot tub, where you can relax after getting out of the water. Open year round (except December 24th through January 1st).

Paradise Island Family Fun Center:

Located on Cypress Avenue in Chula Vista, Paradise Island Family Fun Center is a great place to take children for some safe, fun-filled entertainment. The kid’s area is set up like an island with waterfalls, bridges and various types of slides. There are also toddler splash areas and kiddie pools for smaller children. Paradise Island has a giant wave pool that can accommodate multiple swimmers at once as well as inner tube rides and two waterslides. This park also features picnic tables around its perimeter, so guests can bring their own food or order from one of several nearby restaurants to enjoy while they swim or play games on land.

Raging Waters Los Angeles County Park:

With a wave pool, kids’ water play area, slide complex and more top Water Parks in Californian  os Angeles County Park is certainly one of California’s best water parks. For families with younger children or those looking to beat summer heat without spending too much money, Raging Waters offers a great day at one of its five pools. The park also features plenty of food options, including an on-site restaurant serving up burgers, hot dogs and chicken sandwiches. As for rides? You can take your pick from three different tube slides, two body slides and a rafting ride that will have you racing down an eight-story hill into an enormous splash pool. The park also features several dry attractions like volleyball courts and horseshoe pits for some family fun away from all that water—and it’s just 15 minutes from Disneyland!

 Cosmo Land and Sea Park in Orange County:

Located south of Los Angeles in Orange County, Cosmo Land and Sea Park is one of Southern California’s most unique amusement parks. Not only does it boast a whopping 50 rides, including two roller coasters and dozens of slides, but it also features a full water park section with eight water slides ranging from tame to extreme. Cosmo is best known for its famous Shipwreck Island dark ride, where guests board boats and tour an underwater shipwreck before encountering an octopus that blasts them with water cannons. Kids won’t be disappointed by Krakatoan Shores, which features six kid-friendly waterslides including lots of tubes to dive down through and splash pools at their end.

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