Top 6 Decorative And Festive Plants To Give As Christmas gift

It’s the most memorable time of the year- Christmas is about the border! Christmas is all about spreading joy and giggling among buddies and family. Generally, gifts are an indispensable part of any festival and more so with Christmas. From corporate Secret Santa events to children calmly waiting for their gifts, people of all age groups seem ahead of Christmas gifts. While most go for gift baskets & hampers, which begin with chocolates, dry fruits, and exquisite flowers, others go for electric appliances, smartphones, and fashion garments. You can be a bit distinctive with Plants. This Christmas, give something sensible that expresses the spirit of Christmas. The Christmas tree itself symbolizes life amidst the cold & bleak winter. What better gift than a plant that will glow up the house and provide the receiver with something to look after?

It’s a lovely and long-lasting gift that will keep rising if taken care of. You can spend some of your money on these Christmas gifts; use the online platform and order Christmas plants online to save big on your gifting expenses. Here are six plants you can give your buddies, family, and cherished ones.


The quintessential weekend herb, rosemary, is as perfect as the Christmas tree. Its alliance with Christmas dates back long before the poster kid poinsettia had anything to do with it. Rosemary is thought to have been one of the plants in the manger where toddler Jesus was cradled. In the Middle Ages, people thought that if they scented rosemary on Christmas Eve, they would be well and happy during the new year, so they drove on rosemary scattered over the floors, beginning a tradition of rosemary in Christmas embellishments that we continue today – with the tabletop rosemary Christmas trees, garlands, festive swags, & evergreen bouquets.


A poinsettia is a delicate red flower often connected with the Christmas season. It is usually seen in red, but it can also bloom in pink & soft yellow tones. They grow perfectly in direct sunlight and wet temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. These tropical plants are made to bloom throughout the holiday season, so they require a little extra attention to take the plants to rebloom.

Christmas Cactus

These fleshy blooms during Christmas are the perfect secret Santa gifts to surprise your loved one with online delivery. Lovely bright pink, red, yellow, or white blossoms will cheer up the home and spread Christmas delight. Ideal for everyone, this easy-to-care plant looks beautiful with minimal attention. Unlike most cacti, this plant doesn’t have the impression of rigid spikes. Christmas Cactus goes great in ceramic pots. The plant needs optimal moisture & average sunlight. However, dry out the soil after watering throughout the growing season and keep it dark for about 12 hours until the opening happens.

Christmas Bush

People of Australia also enhance their homes with stacks of ‘Christmas Bush,’ an original Australian tree with small green stalks. The densely flowered dark pink flowers turn into star-shaped deep red blossoms over weeks, usually by the week of Christmas in Sydney.

Prayer Plant

Getting its title from the leaf changes, the prayer plant has lovely red and green leaves with spots and stripes in between. During the daytime, the leaves hang flat whole at night, & they stand up upright. There are many options when it hits to choosing prayer plants and their colors. Put this plant in a dangling pot to increase the value of your house. The prayer plant requires well-draining of the soil, optimal moisture, and oblique sunlight.


Holly has been a member of the holiday season since it converted part of the traditional Christmas carol “Deck the Halls” approximately 150 years ago. Still, holly and berries have been a preference to brighten the empty winter since ancient times. We all know the holly bushes as popular Christmas plants with pointed leaves, red berries, & small white flowers. Holly is a plant that needs full sun and well-drained soil on the biting surface to grow correctly.


Green plants are always a delightful surprise. Why not send one of our chosen selections to someone as a treat during the holidays? This will help you find someone for family, friends and acquaintances. You can find more gift ideas for more events.

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