The Best Gaming News Sources

Whether you love playing video cá độ bóng đá games or are just interested in what is going on in the gaming world, there are a variety of different sources that you can turn to for news about the games you play. Some of these sources include gaming websites like Kotaku and Destructoid, while others include magazines like Fanatical and Imagine Games Network. These are just a few of the many different sources of gaming news, but there are others that are just as good.

Imagine Games Network

Founded in 1996, the Imagine Games Network has been reporting on important gaming history for nearly three decades. Today, the company is part of Ziff Davis Inc. Besides supplying the latest news on games and consoles, it also offers genuine reviews.

The site’s gaming section features reviews, previews and interviews of the industry’s biggest names. They also highlight the coolest indie gems on PC and Android. They also have a board section where gamers can interact with each other.

Game Informer

Whether you are a gamer or not, you’ve probably heard of Game Informer. The magazine has been around for over two decades and is a staple of the gaming community. They have been known to feature the latest news and strategy for gamers in the form of games.

Game Informer’s latest issue 349 is set to hit the stands in the coming weeks. It will feature God of War Ragnarok, a look at the tools and weapons of the God of War franchise, and an interview with director Eric Williams. The publication also has an interesting cover story on Bayonetta 3 which is scheduled for release on October 28th.


Earlier this year, Kotaku Gaming News, a gaming trade publication, suffered a major drop in web traffic. The site’s web traffic has declined by roughly 47% over the last two months.

Kotaku is owned by Gawker Media and launched in 2004. Kotaku’s initial lead writer was Matthew Gallant. Over the years, Kotaku has grown to be a leading video game news site.


Among the gaming community at large, DualShockers has made a name for itself. It is one of the newest gaming news sites in town and one of the most reputable. For a start, the site has a ton of assets, from social media platforms to YouTube channels. For example, the site specializes in gaming news and reviews. Its newsroom churns out a handful of notable articles every day, including an interview with the man behind the gaming industry’s most prestigious guild.


Touted as a top dog in the news and blog department, the Stevivor churns out a steady stream of witty articles, insightful reviews, and witty user interactions. Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast on the prowl for the next big thing or a gaming enthusiast who just wants to get the latest and greatest, the Stevivor has you covered. With a team of highly experienced professionals, a slew of dedicated content teams and an unfettered ethos, the Stevivor has been dubbed the best gaming media company around.

Fanatical Blog

VG247 is a UK-based gaming blog that covers a variety of gaming topics. It is based on the love of video games. It covers the latest news, reviews, previews, and commentary on all sorts of video games. The site is also a part of the Enthusiast Gaming network. It is one of the most popular video game blogs today.

Anzu Gaming Digest

Among the latest crop of new cá độ bóng đá gaming entrants is Anzu, an ad-centric platform that enables developers to create highly engaging ads that are programmed into their games. In March 2022, Anzu raised $20 million, securing strategic investors such as Sony, HTC, and NBC. In addition to its gaming-first platform, Anzu has a patented 3D ad-tracking engine that promises top-of-the-line ad placement, fraud control, and viewability.


Whether you’re a casual gamer or a fanatic, Destructoid is a great place to get the latest news about video games. You can also find reviews, previews, and opinion pieces. Plus, Destructoid has a simple scoring system for its reviews.

The website also features a series of user blogs and forums. Destructoid has been a leading online authority for over ten years. In 2010, Destructoid announced its mascot, Mr. Destructoid, who would later appear in several games including Bomberman Ultra, Agent MOO: Maximum Overdeath on Xbox Live Indie Games, and Pirates vs. Ninjas.

Push Square

Among the millions of video game websites and mobile apps out there, Push Square has nailed it. Founded by Sammy Barker and published by Nlife Media, the site is a gold mine of information. Its founders are more than willing to share their wisdom, especially when it comes to the latest and greatest in video game hardware. The site boasts a dedicated staff of gamers, video game journalists, and industry experts who cover everything from consoles to mobile apps.

Try Hard Guides

CS:GO is a game that is very popular among the online gaming community. It is known for its tryharding. Tryhards are players who aren’t very good at playing the game, but still spend over 100 hours a week playing the game. They use mods to go OTR without getting notifications from other players. They use vehicles that are unreasonably fast, and they do not reload their weapons when they kill others.

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