The Best Dog Food for Cane Corso for 2022

Are you proud to be the owner of a Cane Corso dog? Cane Corsos can be large dogs that are strong and muscular. Cane Corsos are active dogs that love to play, exercise, and work. Cane Corsos need the right nutrients to support their active lifestyle. There are many commercial foods that can satisfy the nutritional needs of Cane Corsos.

There are many products available for Cane Corsos. It might be hard to decide which product to purchase for your Cane Corso. It can be hard to determine which dog food is made with real ingredients and which ones are filled with fillers. Which one is best for your Cane Corso?

We’ve done extensive research to find the best dog food for Cane Corso. We also have a guide for what to look out for when purchasing dog food for your Cane Corso. Continue reading to discover our top picks.

Raw Food is the Best Choice for my Cane Corso

Dogs’ stomachs are not designed to process and ferment carbohydrates (the main ingredient of kibble). Even kibble that is grain-free contains high amounts of starchy carbs like legumes, peas, and lentils. This can cause dogs to be under stress, as they experience metabolically stressful cortisol, insulin and glucagon spikes throughout the day. It can also cause inflammation, which can lead to serious health problems.

The canine species is resilient. Even though they don’t get the nutrients they need, they will survive. There is a big difference between thriving and survival.

You can be certain that your dog will benefit from ProDog Raw’s natural, raw dog food, or your choice of ProDog Raw’s raw dog food.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits that raw dog food has for your Cane Corso.

Raw Food and Gut Health for Canine Dogs

The microbiome, a complex ecosystem of bacteria found in the gut, is often referred to as gut flora. Through scientific research, scientists have shown that the balance of harmful and beneficial bacteria in the microbiome is linked to several health conditions.

Dog nutrition has an important role. It is independent of genetic factors and calorie intake. An imbalanced gut microbiome was linked to:

  • Diabetes
  • obesity
  • Anxiety
  • Food allergies, intolerances, and other inflammatory-related conditions like
  • arthritis
  • Skin complaints
  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • digestive disorders.

The microbiome can be disrupted by processed dog food containing additives, synthetics, and chemicals. This can fuel the growth of harmful bacteria. This can lead to a ‘leaky stomach’ which is a condition in which the intestinal lining becomes permeated. The delicate intestinal mucosa lining protects the gut and allows nutrients to pass through it into the bloodstream. The mucous lining protects the dog’s body from toxins entering and passing through. If this mucous lining is compromised, food particles and toxic substances can ‘leak’ through, triggering an immune response that causes systemic inflammation. This makes your dog more susceptible to illness. Raw green tripe can be used for dogs to support healthy microbiomes and digestion.

Canine Immunity

The body’s natural defense mechanism, the immune system, is responsible for protecting you from toxins, pathogens, and other threats to your Cane Corso happiness and health.

The gut environment plays a major role in immune function. According to Cane Corso Breeders, All breeds require a natural raw food diet. This will help to maximize their natural immunity defense by feeding them the right nutrients and supporting their immune system with necessary micronutrients.

Raw Food and Dog Weight

No matter the breed, it is important to maintain a healthy weight for your dog. Cane Corsos can gain weight quickly, so they should eat a balanced diet that includes healthy fats, proteins, ground bones, and vegetables. This will ensure their health and performance.

You should be aware of your dog’s weight as well as its physical appearance when they adjust to a new diet. There are many factors that influence how much you feed your dog each day, including:

  • Your dog’s metabolism
  • The quality of the food you serve
  • How much exercise your dog gets
  • How much they weigh
  • The age, breed, and health of your dog.
  • You want your dog to gain, lose or maintain weight

It is important to ensure that you use the right ratios of ingredients when making raw food recipes. Our frozen raw food range includes 80/10:10 raw food that is made from meat and ground bones with additional ingredients. We also offer complete raw food and pure raw food meals, which are simple and easy to prepare and contain all the necessary ingredients. Our raw food calculator can help you determine the correct feeding schedule.

Cane Corso puppy will likely be weighed at the vet because of their size. However, you can visit them for a weigh-in.

You can lift your Cane Corso using a home weight-in system. It only takes three steps:

  1. Get on the scales to weigh yourself
  2. Get your dog out of the way and get back on the scales.
  3. Add your combined weight and the collar if applicable to their dog and you get your dog’s total weight.

You can also visit your vet to have a weigh-in.

Overall Cane Corso Health and Well-Being

An animal-specific diet is the best Cane Corso food and fuel for happiness and overall health. Your four-legged friend will be happier and feel better.

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