Pros and Cons of Bollard Installation at Different Places

Bollards are a very useful product to control and manage traffic in heavy traffic areas. Bollards not only provide security for vehicles but for pedestrian traffic as well. Bollards are also used for many other purposes as well for example they are used to restrict vehicle entry into a particular building. They are also sued to guide the traffic toward a location.

With the rise in the number of vehicles on roads, the ratio of accidents is also increasing. Many times, people become impatient and drive crazily which results in mishaps and accidental hazards. Bollards are used to control such traffic in order to maintain discipline and prevent accidents. Bollards are placed on roadsides so that the vehicles can be restricted in proper lanes. They are also placed to differentiate biker lanes from car lanes etc. They are installed on footpaths in order to provide safety for pedestrians and to restrict vehicles from trespassing. Cars get damaged if they try to trespass on a place with bollards installed.

Bollards come in different shapes, sizes, materials, etc in order to fulfill the needs and requirements of different locations where they have to be installed. The main objective of a bollard is to create hindrance in order to restrict vehicles and reduce the impact of the collision.

Pros and Cons of Bollards

Every product comes with a set of advantages but it has some drawbacks as well. Similarly, bollards also come with pros and cons. Though they are a very useful product in traffic control and management, they can also harm vehicles when they collide with them. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of bollards are explained below.

Pros of Bollards

The beneficial features or advantages of bollards are described below.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal

As described earlier, bollards are used for many different purposes. One of its purposes includes decoration as well. They are also used for decorative purposes. It is a very important feature of bollards. Many people order customize bollards to match their premises and surrounding architecture. For example, wooden bollards are used in gardens and parks for guiding purposes but are made of wood to match the surrounding scenery. Similarly, colorful bollards are also used in public and amusement parks. They not only serve guidance purposes but they also look visually appealing.

  1. Eco-Friendly Bollards

We know that our environment is facing severe crises due to the rise in pollution and other environmental hazards. This is now the time that we take special care about which items we use for making products. We should try to reuse and recycle products in order to save the environment. PVC and concrete bollards are used for different purposes in order to reduce deforestation. They do not corrode or rust with time therefore, they have less maintenance cost.

  1. Vehicular Safety

Bollards are very useful for providing safety to vehicles. Bollards are installed in heavy traffic areas in order to reduce the chances of accidental hazards. They are also installed to reduce the impact of collisions. They serve as a very important traffic control, management, and guidance tool. They are also sued to guide traffic towards the right path or to restrict traffic from entering some specific area. Bollards also serve as a visual barrier. Bollards placed in heavy traffic areas need to be durable and sturdy which is why they are made of heavy materials like metal etc.

  1. Safety for Pedestrians

Areas which have both vehicular and pedestrian traffic are incomplete without bollards. Bollards are a necessary product for such areas in order to provide safety for vehicles and for pedestrians as well. Bollards serve as a visual barrier for cars to guide them that this place is restricted for vehicles and is designated for pedestrians only. In this way, bollards make sure the safety of pedestrians.

  1. Bollards are Inexpensive

Bollards have less maintenance and less installation costs as compared to other safety and security bollards options available in the market.

Cons of Bollards

Some drawbacks of bollards are described below.

  1. Bollards Need Space

One major drawback of security bollards is that they require space for installation. Bollards often take up space allotted for pedestrians or for foot traffic. Therefore, the space requirement for bollard installation is considered a major drawback because you cannot install bollards at required places if there is no proper free space available for installation.

  1. Bollards can be Disturbing

Sometimes bollards create hindrances for pedestrians or foot traffic. They are placed in locations allotted for foot traffic. In this way, they create disturbance for people going on foot. They are also not easy to cross. People often get hurt if they want to cross them in a hurry. That is why it is considered a major drawback of bollards in busy areas.

  1. Plastic Bollards are no Longer Lasting

Plastic bollards do not last long. They bend and break easily which is a major disadvantage of plastic bollards. Plastic bollards are usually placed at locations to guide traffic or for decorative purposes only. They are not made of heavy material which is why they are more prone to damage and rupture.

  1. Bollards can be Very Damaging to Cars

We know that heavy metal bollards are made to control heavy traffic and restrict vehicle collisions. However, when vehicles collide with bollards, they get damaged badly. Bollards also cause accidents when people drive carelessly without acknowledging the presence of bollards at different places. They hit the bollard badly which not only cause accidents but also damaged the car badly.

Final Words

It is important to understand the pros and cons of bollards before installing them at your place so that you can make full use of them. Whether you are a pedestrian, a driver, or some company owner, you should be aware of bollard features in order to understand their importance.

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