Natalia Danielle Dyer, Actress – Charlie Heaton, Co-Star of ‘Stranger Things’

Despite her young age, Natalia Danielle Dyer has already established herself as an actress. She has starred in movies such as Velvet Buzzsaw and Yes, God, Yes. She also became known for her work in the television series Stranger Things.

Early life

Despite her success in her role as Nancy Wheeler in Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’, Natalia Dyer has not been married. She is in an open relationship with her co-star Charlie Heaton, whom she met on the sets of the show. She has been dating him since 2016, and they have been working together on the show for four years.

Natalia Dyer is a 27-year-old American actress who is best known for her role as Nancy Wheeler in the Netflix horror series ‘Stranger Things’. Her breakout role in the show earned her major recognition. She has also been nominated for several Young Artist Awards. Natalia has also appeared in several films, including the horror movie ‘Healer’ (2013) and the adventure film ‘The Greening of Whitney Brown’ (2011).

Natalia Dyer has been acting professionally since she was a teenager. She studied at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University, where she graduated with a degree in Performing Arts.


During her childhood, Natalie Dyer was a quiet child who was studious and studied for her acting career. She started acting professionally at the Natalia Dyer age of twelve. She made her film debut in the comedy Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009), and then later on, appeared in several short movies. She also appeared in a horror movie titled “Healer” (2013) and an episodic role in the adventure film “The Greening of Whitney Brown” (2011).

She has gained a lot of fame for her acting and has appeared in many TV shows, films and festivals. Her popularity amongst the viewers has risen dramatically, and she has even won awards for her acting. She was awarded the Best Actress Award in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 2019.

In addition to her acting career, Natalia Dyer is also dating Charlie Heaton. She and Heaton met on the set of Stranger Things, and the two have been in a relationship for almost four years.

She is from Nashville, Tennessee, and is a Christian by religion. She has a sister named Virginia Dyer. Her father is Allen Miles Dyer, who is a clinical engineer.

Acting career

‘Stranger Things’ actress Natalia Dyer is a multi-talented actress who has appeared in many movies in her career. Her first notable role was in the popular Disney Channel series Hannah Montana. She also appeared in the indie film I Believe in Unicorns. She has also appeared in ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie’.

The Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’ has earned her a lot of fan-love. She plays the role of Nancy Wheeler, the love interest of the protagonist. Her character also received a lot of awards and accolades for her performance in the series. Natalia Dyer has also been spotted with her co-star Charlie Heaton on numerous occasions. They are dating and have been in a relationship since before the filming of the second season started. They recently posted pics from a trip to Spain.

Another noteworthy piece of news is that Natalia Dyer has written a book. Her book ‘A Brush with Life’ is a novel about her life and experiences as an actress. Her Twitter account has 160k followers.

Relationship with Charlie Heaton

Throughout the past five years, it has become apparent that Stranger Things actors Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton have a close relationship. They have been photographed on the red carpet together, as well as holding hands in public. Natalia has even shared a few sweet posts on social media.

In October 2016, Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton announced that they were dating. In the months to follow, the pair appeared in various public events together, as well as on the red carpet. They also took time away from work to spend time together.

They also attended the premiere of Netflix’s Velvet Buzzsaw together. Heaton also attended the Emmy Awards together. He spoke about the challenges of maintaining a career and personal relationships. He also noted that he and Dyer waited more than a year to make their red carpet debut.

Natalia and Charlie appeared to spend Halloween together in New York City and Los Angeles. They dressed up as Wizard of Oz characters. They also walked hand in hand down the street in New York City. They were also photographed kissing in a dark corner.

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