Nag tibba Trek Guide

Nag Tibba in neighborhood Garhwali implies Serpent’s Peak. This is the most noteworthy point in the district, which is privately called the Mussoorie range. Topographically it’s in the lesser Himalayas range inside Uttarakhand. Nagtibba top, remaining at a great elevation of 3020 m/9905 ft offers a shockingly great perspective on the snow-covered tops directly to its north. A few effectively perceived ones are Swargarohini and Gangotri tops, Kalanag, Bandarpoonch, and Srikantha. To arrive at the top you’ll cross thick sub-high woodland, abrupt openings of rambling glades and some short edge strolls

This spot is open all around the year separated from the long periods of rainstorms. The district gets a nice measure of snowfall in winter. This relatively simple trek is a fantastic decision for amateurs. Nagtibba opens up a window for the people who would rather not contribute a lot of time and exertion yet are intrigued to know how it feels to go through evenings setting up camp in the wild, away from the conveniences and solaces presented by civilization.

What would it be advisable for me to bring for the Nag Tibba Trek?

This is a short climb and not going to high heights. In spite of the fact that you should be normally cautious about your dress during winters. Temperatures can without much of a stretch drop to ~ freezing (0°C) or even underneath, particularly promptly toward the beginning of the day around Nag Tibba’s highest point.

Ordinarily, you can reuse your game shoes while you climb on this path. Comparably you ought to have the option to utilize your coats/sweaters/hoodies to keep yourself warm. In the event that you don’t have one especially warm, then you can constantly utilize numerous layers.

-A backpack or a rucksack. Normally anything between 20 to 30 L ought to be sufficient.

-A game shoe with great footing. Assuming that you have a climbing-explicit shoe, that is essentially perfect.

-A speedy dry base layer (Dry-fit shirt).

-A comfortable coat (Synthetic/Fleece coat ) as the centre layer in winters.

-A windproof cum waterproof with hood as the external layer/or a parka.

Admittance to trek base (Dehradun to Pantwari):

TREK FEE incorporates your transportation from Dehradun to trek base Pantwari and return. You will be sharing a vehicle alongside other colleagues.

Because of any explanation in the event that you wish to employ a confidential exchange, the passage is roughly ₹ 5000 for a Tata Sumo/Mahindra Bolero one way. This can easily oblige 5 and up to 8 people. Likewise from Mussoorie to Pantwari or a return drop of ₹ 2500 for a Tata Sumo/Mahindra Bolero (5 to 8 might pay), one way.

It is likewise conceivable to arrive at trek base Pantwari freely and by open transportation. Get any transport to Naogaon/Purola/Barkot/Sankri Nainbagh and get down at Nainbagh, which is on Yamunotri street. You will get transport just close to Dehradun rail route station or on contiguous Gandhi street. Various transports are there till 8 am in the first part of the day. From Nainbagh take a common ride till Pantwari. You need to stand by till the vehicle turns out to be full.

Nag Tibba trek brief agenda:

Day 1: Drive to Pantwari from Dehradun by means of Mussoorie and Nainbagh – 3/4 hours – 100 Km and trek to Thath – 2/3 hours and 4 Km. Camp

Day 2: Trek to Nag Tibba top and return to Pantwari – 7/8 hours, 14 Km. Drive to Dehradun – 3/4 hours, 100 Km, or drive to Mussoorie – 2 hours and 55 Km.

Significant note:

-You want to reach the all alone to Dehradun on Day 1 morning by 7 am. Get back to Dehradun on Day 2 night (by 7 pm). Orchestrate your tickets for internal excursion and return from Dehradun as needs are.

-Last ATM is at Pantwari despite the fact that it doesn’t depend till you arrive here, on the off chance that you really want one. Pull out cash well ahead of time either in Dehradun or Nainbagh.

-All significant portable organizations work on the path. Anyway, you may not get constant organization or inconsistent signs on occasion.

-Above TREK FEE basically incorporates all that you really want, Dehradun to Dehradun. counting transportation, dinners, and one-night camp. You really want to bring individual attire/jacket(s), trekking shoes, and a backpack.

-Your trek is ensured once we acknowledge your booking. Moreover, the visit is safeguarded for the greatest span of 7 days for any mishaps or normal catastrophes.

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