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Whether you are looking for a haunting news report from Vietnam or just want to read about all the ghostly relics that are found in the Tong Long Tunnel, you’ll find a lot of great information in this article. You’ll also find stories about haunted houses, ghostly accidents, and other stories of the Vietnam War.

Ghost stories from the Vietnam War

During the Vietnam War, U.S. troops employed psychological terror as an effective weapon. A type of psychological warfare, called Operation trò chơi săn mồi Wandering Soul, broadcast specially prepared audio tracks that featured disembodied voices, moans, and unearthly sounds. These audio messages were transmitted from loudspeakers on helicopters, specialist infantry, and PCF “Swift” boats. The Viet Cong commander complained that these audio messages penetrated the earth.

Ghost stories from the Vietnam War are rooted in personal accounts of wartime atrocities. While some are horrific, others are surprisingly sanitized. In the face of catastrophic destruction of human lives, the ghost is considered a symbol of backwardness, backwardness that is often associated with violence. Despite the state’s opposition to ghost stories, they have remained common in Vietnamese communities.

Ghost stories are commonly believed to be the remnants of old superstitions. In rural communities, ghosts are public figures. They are believed to be the ancestors of villagers, and villagers will pray for them to return to a less-grievous afterlife. In some cases, villagers will offer votive gifts to the ghosts. These gifts could be U.S. dollar notes or paper votive money.

These gifts could last for months or years. In many cases, the villagers would place incense sticks on the site of the apparition. This gesture was a demonstration of a ritual familiarity with the displaced spirit.

Ghostly accidents caused by ghosts

During the Vietnam War, many soldiers died in trò chơi săn mồi unmarked graves. This was especially true of the American troops, who were forced to rely on locals to guide their operations. They would also report seeing strange, albeit not spooky, ghostly apparitions tumbling through the trees.

In fact, the state apparatus of Vietnam is quite dismissive of these stories. Even the American military shrugged off stories of ghostly apparitions as old-fashioned folklore. Nonetheless, some stories have been substantiated and some aren’t. One story is even about a ghostly vehicle, a phantom police car.

Ghostly apparitions are common in Vietnamese towns and villages. The most common apparitions are ghosts of soldiers killed in action, but the real prize is the ghostly apparition of a deceased family member. This is a particularly perplexing problem because many families have a large number of children and it can be difficult to trace the lineage of a deceased family member.

The most notable apparition is the one attributed to the fabled apparition of the legendary General Vo Nguyen Giap, who was killed by a North Vietnamese soldier in 1971. This is a particularly poignant incident because the Vietnamese regard the fabled General as a national hero, and many believe he deserves a proper burial.

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