MBBS in China vs. Kazakhstan – Which is Best?

MBBS in China vs. Kazakhstan

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MBBS in China

MBBS in China program is regarded as one of the most cutting-edge in the world, and its universities offer well-stocked labs and lecture halls. The standards of instruction are very high, and they may prepare students from various nations for careers in medicine. Chinese medical colleges’ semester-long sessions will start in September and last for an entire year. There was a rise in the number of foreign students traveling to China expressly for MBBS admissions ten to twelve years ago. One thousand Indian students graduate from Chinese medical schools each year. Indian students have so submitted a lot of applications for admission to Chinese medical institutes. Pakistani Medical Universities can compete wth the universities of China

Cost of Studying MBBS in China

It only costs Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 30,000 for a total of 5 years of MBBS; therefore it does not drain the parent’s bank account. China is the second most popular nation for offering students from other nations or Chinese students the best medical education. China’s medical schools are among the top 500 colleges worldwide.

MBBS in Kazakhstan

Students who desire to pursue MBBS overseas but are hesitant due to the hefty tuition costs may find significant relief in Kazakhstan. Students from all over the world can attend the school MBBS in Kazakhstan at reasonable costs. To ensure that students have a positive clinical experience prior to entering their professional practice, Kazakh medical universities give excellent clinical experiences to their students. The university staff and instructional team have extensive experience. There are also a lot of connected hospitals.

Kazakhstan’s accredited medical universities provide a range of amenities. Students from all over the world attend Kazakhstani universities that have received MCI approval.

Overall, for students who wish to become outstanding doctors in the future, the MBBS program in Kazakhstan can be a terrific choice.

Kazakhstan’s MBBS advantages

Kazakhstani universities offer a wide range of advantages. You will benefit from studying in Kazakhstan. Here are a few advantages of studying in Kazakhstan:

Most Popular Universities of Kazakhstan

  • University of Kazakh National, Kazakhstan
  • Astana Medical University, Kazakhstan
  • University Karaganda State, Kazakhstan
  • Semey State MBBS University, Kazakhstan
  • West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State MBBS University, Kazakhstan
  • University of Kazakh Russian, Kazakhstan
  • Shymkent State Medical University, Kazakhstan
  • South Kazakhstan State Medical Academy, Kazakhstan


Both MBBS programs in China and Kazakhstan are at the top of their respective fields. They both offer top-notch education. However, MBBS is an option in China if you come from a middle-class background and wish to become a doctor. Students from India should choose to study medicine in China. The best facilities for Indian students are in China. And regarded as the second-best location to pursue an MBBS.

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