It is appropriate to give a family member a sex toy for Christmas

Christmas is approaching or rather it is almost a step away from knocking on the door. Knock Knock Who will be in our dream box this year?

As always, the preparations for Christmas but mostly for the gifts send the mind of each of us into a tailspin, we walk towards a pediod that appears to be calm but in our small way it brings us emotional stress and panic. Most of the time for questions It is legal for love, for work, for family, or for gifts that torment our minds.

It is known that the exchange of gifts on December 24th night is the practice for some European countries, anticipated in others but in any case the modality remains the same.

But can you imagine a different Christmas this year?

Opening your magic box, you will find a beautiful sex toy purchased on the sexy shop Lugano inside.

Wooooo imagine your face in front of your relatives or even more if it was your partner who gave this gift.

Surely we can start from the fact that if the gift is given by the partner our face will have a more erotic face almost certainly mischievous so I don’t think there would be various embarrassments, but only effusions of love, kisses and fantasies about how and when to use sex toys.

Once you open the box you will find inside if you think about it all his fantasies, things that maybe have been raving in his mind for some time, for example a black frusta bondage, a typical erotic object on the market today to excite the senses and submission.

Continuing to rummage you will see far at the bottom a small object in the shape of a knob … and in your mind you begin to think what will this object be, instead he with his English pronunciation tells you an anal plug nero, which you will anal you understand but plug ? What?

Then he tells you in your ear a plug for your backside and your cheeks turn red, but your mischievous eyes sparkle.

At this point, undeterred in looking for something more alternative, I came to find a very large box with privacy written on it… well then, curious, I decided to ask if it was appropriate to open this too in front of his parents given the embarrassment, so he told me he said and no dear this is not for you but for your cousin, since tomorrow we are going to her wedding I thought it best to make her a little joke as a gift from the witnesses.

The idea didn’t seem right to me knowing the relative, because if it had been me I would have been embarrassed, however it is a very private object, perhaps more for a bachelorette party…

The idea of giving something so intimate is not always desirable because however it is our way of doing it could not be good for some. Here are some tips before making a mistake:

  1. All provocative gifts must have a valid reason to be given.
  2. If you want to give a sex toy to a relative you must first get to know him well and understand his tastes.
  3. If you are giving an erotic toy to a relative for a goliardic event, don’t be afraid anything will make him smile. It is in the game to give a vibratore cyber silicio to a cousin who is perhaps getting married and say, maybe if it goes wrong you know what to get. ..
  4. make sure it is a decent brand so as to make him more optimistic about using it.
  5. Don’t forget the surprise effect of anonymous parcel without address so as to prevent possible gaffs.
  6. if you assume that the person might get annoyed, don’t make the mistake of giving them a sex toy, at most then give them a voucher to be reused on the sexy shop online .

There is one rule and it applies to everyone at Christmas everyone must feel free to give what he likes best, however … be careful who, however.

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