How to Train a Cane Corso

One of the most remarkable Italian breeds of dogs is the Cane Corso, commonly known as the Italian bulldog. They’re very simple to care for when utilizing positive reinforcement. When you bring him to your house the next and most important step is how to train a Cane Corso?  Here you will get to know the best about Cane Corso’s training.

Points you should have to know about Cane Corso Training

Cane Corso training is very important and you should have to learn a lot on this topic. Because if you bring up your dog in the best way it will make you feel prouder. Here in this article, you will learn about Cane Corso training tips, Cane Corso protection training, Cane Corso food, and many other important things. So let’s start reading.

Training of Cane Corso Puppy Should be Started from the First Day

As it is said that home is the first institution to learn so start training your dog from day 1. Training Cane Corso puppy is a very important thing and when you bring Cane Corsos’ puppy, he is very cute and nice, but be aware. Because they turn to adults very soon. They changed into a large dog very soon. So be careful about that because these adult dogs are strong-willed.

You have to pay extra attention to the Cane Corso puppy from the first day you bring him to your home, because it may create big issues in the coming time. Love your Cane Corsos puppy, let him sleep in your lap but be aware and change your behaviors with the passage of time. Because he is growing young. And the change in behavior is good for him. If you do not put extra special attention it will become a huge problem for you. Because as he grows it becomes wilder.

Let Your Dog Understand the Boundaries and Limitation

Cane Corso’s training must be started when he gets 8 weeks older and this is the best time for training. Let him understand the rules and boundaries. Bringing up a dog in a good manner is very essential. Because if it is not done it will cause problems in future. When you bring a Cane Corso puppy home, you must guide him and let him understand his boundaries. The boundary limit is a must for dogs. Otherwise, you have to spend the remaining time of your life running for your dog.ll

How you and your family should behave with Cane Corso

The most important thing is that when you bring a Cane Corso to your home, must give him love and care. With Cane Corso, all of your family members must be friendly. Don’t bring him to your home if you have a child under 8 years or anyone who gets afraid with dogs. Make sure that your family members accept the dog wholeheartedly and this is a very important factor for bringing up a Cane Corso.


If your Cane Corso puppy gets excited and jumps into your lap it is a good thing. But remember if your puppy grows old and becomes an adult dog this is not a good thing. The best thing to be done in this situation is that when your adult Cane Corso jumps toward you just move your body to another side and avoid any eye or body contact. In this way, your dog will slip down and didn’t get a grip on you. After that when he settled down encourage him.

Barking all the Time

The barking of a dog is a very good thing and avoid you from any coming danger. But barking all the time is not a good thing. Teach your dog to not bark all-time dog and let him learn good manners. When you come home don’t go to attend to him and leave him until he gets quiet. Also, ignore him when he starts barking continuously on the phone ring. It will make him feel bored of noises and he will leave the bad habit of barking immediately.

Biting of Adult Cane Corso

The Biting of Cane Corsos puppy is just a normal thing especially when he is going to the teething phase. But when he grows adult it will be dangerous and you should interfere to stop him. When you see your dog is biting just leave him alone. When he gets alone he feels that he did something wrong. And this will make him sad and let him learn good manners and he stops biting.

Manner of sleeping

Whenever you are sleeping keep that thing in mind that never let your dog sleep at the same level as you. Meaning if you are sleeping on a bed or couch never let your dog sleep in the same place. In this way, he thinks that he is equal to you and this is something that will create problems in the future.

Always let him sleep lower than you. And make a proper bed or sleeping place for him lower than you. In this way, he will always be obedient to you and never rejects your commands.  He will always remain within his limits and boundaries set by you.

Prevent your Dog with Over Bonding

If someone is constantly at your home or there are some guests in your home, let your dog have some space from them. it will make your dog confident and brave. Don’t let your dog always stay at home because it will make him lazy and fearful. Giving him some space is very necessary. Take him outside for some time away from home and far from your family. It will make him brave. Always maintain a balance so that your dog brings up in a very fantastic way

Prevent from Excessive Love and Care:

Another important thing is that never carry your dog too much in your lap and never let him stay at home for too much time. Give him some space. Not carry him with you for too much time and let him survive alone to make him brave.

These all instructions are very important especially this one to not carry too much in your lap. This is because puppies always react as babies and want more attention. Don’t carry him too much and let them survive alone.  If not they will be more dependent on you and become fearful. Let them have space to be brave, make themselves independent, and stand by themself.

Cane Corso Protection Training Tips

The Cane Corso protection training is also an essential part of your dog training, and also important when he is a puppy. But do not make him rely on you too much. Make him brave so he can protect himself and you as well. Give some space to your dog and let him be fearless. In this way, he will protect himself very well.

The more you let him alone the more he will become braver. Let him go outside for some time. Wear a sleeve and let your dog play with it. Use some command words or actions for the attack to train your dog. Cane Corso is best for protection and it’s up to you how to train them well.

Best Dog Food Cane Corso

During training, you must have to pay proper attention to the dog food. Cane Corso food that is best for your Cane Corso, is mentioned below:

  • Blue Buffalo WILDERNESS(ingredient are deboned salmon, real chicken, meal, peas, proteins)
  • Wellness CORE(deboned turkey, chicken meal, peas, dried potatoes)
  • Wild Pacific Stream(salmon, sweet potatoes, ocean fish)
  • Orijen Grain-Free Food(deboned chicken and turkey, flounder and eggs)
  • Ziwi Reak Beef(Beef heart, kidney, tripe, and liver)

During the training, the list of best dog foods for your Cane Corso, that is necessary for your dog is mentioned above.

You should follow all these Cane Corso training tips because in this way you can bring up your dog in the best and most fantastic way. And your dog will never make you feel regret.

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