How to do a peace of mind DNA test?

The majority of time Fort Woth dna testing is conducted for reassurance, thus the results have no legal standing. Using a home DNA test kit, test participants collect their own samples. The warnings and directions are shown below.

the precautions to take

Four hours before tasting, refrain from drinking coffee, tea, or using tobacco products. Samples with traces of coffee, tea, or tobacco may not process correctly!

Wash your hands thoroughly and rinse applicant’s mouth three times with warm water. Do not use toothpaste or mouthwash (For infants – allow them to drink water at room temperature from a bottle or wait 2 hours from last feeding).

Step to take for proper DNA testing

Step 1

Take the first four swabs from your DNA test kit, which will be used to gather the DNA sample from the first applicant. In order to avoid touching the swab’s tip and to save the envelopes, remove the first swab from its sterile packaging.


 Complete the necessary fields on the envelopes that were used to bundle the swabs. Make sure you legibly fill out and sign the essential information on the envelope’s exterior. Complete the consent forms included with your DNA test kit as well. Make sure to complete the forms completely as errors could cause results to be delayed. Applicants (or their legal guardian) must sign the sample collection envelope and all applicable sections.


 Roll the tip of the sample collecting swab firmly on the inside of the right cheek to collect cheek cells (30 times each or for about 1 minute). Make sure to sweep the swab around the whole inside cheek surface. This action shouldn’t be uncomfortable and should be firm but not harsh. Repeat this procedure on the inside of the left cheek with all 4 swabs for the same person. Each participant must submit 4 swabs.


Let the swabs air dry for at least 15 minutes at room temperature. Do not let the swab tips touch anything to prevent contamination. Fill the first sample collection envelope with the used swabs (do not put back in plastic packaging). For additional test subjects, follow the same approach.


Make careful to tightly close the envelope. If you want to analyze more applications, repeat the sample gathering procedure. The reply envelope included in your DNA test kit should be used to return the filled-out registration forms and sample collection envelopes to us (we recommend Recorded or Special Delivery).

test procedure

You can just go Face DNA website and fill out the form so that we can have all the information that is needed to send you the DNA kit.

Fill out the application form, then schedule a time to visit one of our designated collection locations. You can select the closest collection point to you.

Attend the appointment with all those who will be tested, and make sure to bring the completed application for payment. Adults should have a photo ID on hand for our collector to see.

Everyone listed on the application is required to show up for the appointment so that mouth swabs can be taken from each of them. Results are normally available five working days after the samples are received in our lab. The application form’s designated postal address for the report is where we express post the results.

Please take note that reports from Peace of Mind testing are not the court ordered DNA test in Dallas TX because the sample collection procedure did not adhere to the Family Law Regulations of 1984. Costly repeat testing may be avoided by using testing that has been completed in accordance with NATA or Family Law Act 1975 requirements.

Why the test is taken?

The likelihood that a man is the biological father of a child is determined by paternity DNA tests. A child, the purported father, and the mother are the usual parties to be tested. A paternity test that includes the mother helps to exclude half of the child’s DNA, leaving the other half available for comparison with the DNA of the purported father. Although it is usually advisable, paternity DNA tests can be performed without the mother’s involvement.

In order to produce 100% reliable results, all paternity tests performed by Face DNA Laboratories follow rigorous, confirmed testing techniques and incorporate up to 22 STR loci in addition to the gender-specific marker amylogenic. In addition to that our photo dna test app is also great to use. It would be a fun thing to try out with your friends and family.

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