How To Clean, Sanitize, And Store Baby Items?

According to the medical science researches, babies adopt diseases and symptoms earlier than adults. The reason behind is, they don’t have developed immune system that can tackle with disease attacks. And the major sources from where children get symptoms firstly include their daily use products. For example, feeder, brush and much more.

So, you should take care of proper cleaning and sanitization of baby items. If they are not used consistently, you should store them properly. Only this way you can prevent diseases to your baby and ensure the optimum health and growth. In this article, we compiled everything about how you can clean, sanitize and store baby items.

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Cleaning and Sanitizing of Baby Products

There are two methods you can promote cleaning with – by hand with soap or dishwasher cleaning. Choosing the suitable method is depends upon you, but it should be selected considering the structure of baby item.

If you are promoting cleaning with dishwasher, you should divide the whole procedure into four steps. And they include separating of parts, rinse, wash and removal from dishwasher.

In the first step, remove all the parts of the particular baby product. For example, if you are cleaning feeding items you should separate nipples, valves and caps. After separating all of them, rinse under the running water. It would be good if you use warm water.

Now, wash the items in the dishwasher in the third step. You should use hot water and heated drying cycle to kill more germs and proper washing. After cleaning, remove the feeding items from dishwasher

Pay attention – wash your hands with soap and water before removing the items from dishwasher. If the items are not completely dry, clean with a piece of paper and store to avoid dust particles.

Talking about sanitization, you don’t need it if you use dishwasher. If you are washing feeding items by hand with soap and water, same steps will be followed. Only you need to boil or steam the items when separated for sanitization.

Cover the baby items with piece of papers and put them in the closed kitchen cabinet which is used to store baby products only. The same procedure should be followed again and again to clean, sanitize and store baby items.

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