How To Avoid Wordiness Improve Your Academic Writing Skills?

Effective communication is a key part of academic writing. However, constructing wordy sentences and a lack of academic writing skills are the two main causes behind the ineffective communication of ideas. An effective sentence is one which is concise, and each word in it serves its purpose. You can only create such sentences when you avoid wordiness in your academic writing and improve your writing skills. But how can you do these two crucial things? Well, do not worry; today’s topic is all about explaining the ways how to avoid wordiness and improve academic writing skills. Let’s discuss how to avoid wordiness first.

How to avoid wordiness in your academic writing?

Wordiness is an act of structuring sentences that contains irrelevant words and words that are unnecessary. Such sentences only confuse the readers because they do not help the reader understand the true meaning of the paragraph. Therefore, you need to avoid this. But how? A brief description of the strategies is as follows:

  • Use active voice. Passive voice is the way of structuring sentences, and the use of passive voice automatically makes them lengthy.
  • Do not lose focus. Side conversations mostly lead to wordiness in your academic writing. This happens when you lose your focus. So, do not lose focus at any cost.
  • Remove unnecessary words. The next way to avoid wordiness in your writing is to remove all unnecessary words. This is called removing the fluff.
  • Do not repeat. As the writer, you must get rid of repetition in your sentences. Repeating the same thing in the abstract, introduction, and conclusion is not a good thing.
  • Avoid adverbs. Lastly, to make your academic writing more meaningful, you should avoid adverbs as much as possible. Adverbs are worthless in your writing. Along with adverbs, you should also avoid qualifiers.

Ways to improve your academic writing skills

Writing is a day-to-day task that most researchers do. From writing emails to dissertations and theses, the researchers always are involved in writing something. However, there are some who can produce good writing and some who cannot. If you are one of those who cannot then follow the ways to improve your academic writing skills given below:

1. Read and write as much as you can

Reading and writing go hand in hand. If you want to be a good writer, you must first be a good reader. Reading exposes you to different ideas and styles of writing. This refreshes your mind and allows you to think about how you can incorporate a particular structure into your academic writing. Along with reading, writing also improves your academic writing skills. Writing for a little time every day makes you a good writer. After all, practice makes a man perfect. Therefore, you should write and read as much as you can.

2. Remember your reader’s needs

The next way of improving your academic writing is to remember the needs of your readers always. This thing is particularly important when you are writing a manuscript for publication purposes. In this case, all of your readers are going to be from an academic background. This means that you do not need to waste time defining things that they already know. Just start writing and talk to the point.

3. Never forget to plan the writing

Academic writing involves a lot of information. There is a ton of information that needs to be included in your academic writing, and you cannot escape it. With no writing skills at all, how can you write this much information? There is only one possible, and that is to make a writing plan. A writing plan enhances your writing skills. When you have a plan in your head, you automatically start crafting things in the right way.

4. Do not forget to edit and proofread

The next way to improve your academic writing skills is by editing and proofreading documents carefully. When you edit and proofread a document, you get to know about many mistakes in your manuscript. Correcting those mistakes serve as learning for you. As a result, you do not repeat those mistakes in your writing. However, if you cannot identify your mistakes, do not hesitate to ask for help from assignment writing services.

5. Get feedback from someone

Getting feedback on your writing before submitting it is extremely beneficial to improve your academic writing skills. The person who gives you the feedback looks at your writing from a different eye compared to yours. He will highlight mistakes in your writing that you cannot. Therefore, you should always ask someone to review the writing and give his feedback.


Academic writing is difficult in its true sense. However, you can definitely improve your academic writing skills by practicing the things mentioned above. Read as much as you can and avoid making unnecessarily long and wordy sentences. Such sentences only undermine the quality of your writing.

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