Important Considerations For Having Custom-Made Curtains

Because the market is crowded with window treatment options, everyone needs clarification while selecting the perfect option to style their home windows. Every window covering carries a different set of functionality; therefore, not all treatments go well in your place. You have to see the proper functionality of the curtains before installing them at your place.

Custom-made is an option to get the desired window covering for the specific place. You need exact window frame measurements to introduce a perfectly designed curtain. Not just the measurements; some places demand privacy, while others demand sufficient lighting to work. This different functionality can not be performed by a single window covering type so every place requires a specific window cover to get styled. 

Factors To Take Care Of While Getting Custom-Made Curtains 

Getting customized curtains is the only option to enhance the interior theme of your building. People usually go to the curtain store and tell the brand’s team about the required curtain pattern and fabric texture. After observing these two factors, they purchase the curtains and ignore other points that can add trouble afterward. 

Stop visiting different stores and get customized window treatments from with only a tap. A list of factors is highlighted below to clarify the importance of every factor required to notice while buying curtains for your place. So clarify your doubts about selecting the best window frame covers. 

1. Proper Measurements Of The Window Frame

This is the primary and most necessary thing to notice before buying your home curtains. Not all window frames come with the exact measurements. A proper height and width estimation is the only way to style your windows perfectly. If you want privacy at your place, install a long wall-length curtain that does not allow the outside view. 

At a workplace, for a decent environment, install a curtain that only fits the window frame, also named a  drape. Width measuring is vital to get enough fabric that quickly covers the area; otherwise, an unwelcoming interior appearance can be created. Commercial and domestic places require different curtain types with separate measurements to enjoy specific features.

2. Select The Functional Fabric Texture

Some people are fond of getting the darker theme at the time they sleep or work; this only is possible with the blackout curtain type. Such curtains are made of thick fabric textures to ultimately act as a barrier between both worlds. Their threads are closely packed together, which is why they can effectively block outside sounds and light. 

Some places need a filtered light ray to show off their interior theme, and some workplaces also require sufficient outside light to create a proper work atmosphere. A sheer curtain with a thin fabric type is styled to enjoy filtered outside lighting. Different fabric textures need different maintenance routines, go through them properly and select the one with the maintenance routine you can afford.

Mainly, velvet and linen fabric is used to create custom-made privacy curtains, while cotton fabric texture is preferably used to add a connector curtain at your place. The quality of the fabric should also be noticed because some fabrics lose their shades with a single wash. Buy the curtain fabric that can serve the required benefits to the place.

3. Trendy Curtain Patterns

A building with a monochromatic interior can always be styled with shade and a printed curtain. Prints are the basic requirement for bedroom curtains because they add an attractive element to the interior. It is better to select an evergreen curtain pattern for your place. Evergreen patterns include geometrical, floral, and aesthetic prints, they do not get outdated with time and therefore have a separate fan base. 

Floral patterns drag the attention of the visitor towards itself, no one can avoid nature and this is the reason floral patterns and animal skin designs never get outdated. Styling with such patterns safe you from changing your curtain again and again with minor changes in the trend. With printed wallpaper, interior designers always recommend installing a shaded curtain. Overloading your place with different patterns might create a disturbing view.

4. Border Style Of The Curtain

Eyelet curtains are at the top of the list if we discuss stylish curtain borders. With the advancement, people are introducing eye-catching border styles to elevate the modern interior theme elegantly. Pinch-pleated, pencil-pleat, full-box pleat, and butterfly pleated-curtains are getting on the track with their luxurious and classy appearance. 

Install the one that offers the proper increment to your place’s interior theme and is a durable option for your custom-made curtain. Remember the main feature a border offers: it keeps the entire folds in space. Different curtain borders install differently and adequately. See the installation method and choose the one that can be easily installed to avoid a hectic routine.

5. Never Ignore The Price Tag 

It seems unethical to notice a price tag while purchasing something of your choice. But ignoring rates while selecting a perfect curtain is stupidity; visiting more than five shops is recommended before investing in anything. Some brands only work on luxurious shades and pattern collections, not quality.  Get to know the price range of the market’s curtains, and then shop for a custom-made window covering.

6. Maintenance Demands Of The Curtain Fabric

Some curtain fabric textures like cotton and silk demand a proper maintenance routine while velvet and linen require an easy-to-go maintenance schedule. Such fabrics can maintain their luxurious looks with an alternate routine. You can add vacuuming or micro-fiber brush cleaning in their maintenance to keep Blackout Curtains looking fabulous. The shade of the fabric also matters, better to select the darker shade to avoid the dusty appearance of the curtain.

Final Words

Before getting a custom-made curtain for your place, monitor different essential factors to add functional curtains to your place. Measurements, fabric texture, style, and maintenance routine must always be addressed. Ignoring a single feature can generate trouble for you afterward. Better to monitor every factor before selecting window curtains for your place. Curtains Services are much important now for home interior. 

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