Everything You Need to Know about Sesame Halva

Sesame halva is a delicious and healthy treat that is perfect for any occasion. This traditional Middle Eastern sweet is made with sesame seeds, honey, and spices, and is a great way to show your guests some hospitality. Halva is a great source of protein and healthy fats, and is also a good source of fiber.

Lightly sweet and very decadent in taste, sesame halva has been eaten for centuries now. It’s a popular dessert in Israel and other Middle Eastern countries, as well as Pakistan and India. It has also been made for many years in Greece where it is known as dousedzana, but the Greeks have taken this treat one step further by adding nuts to make a delicious halva with a crunchy texture.

Here is everything you need to know about halvas before you go online and buy halva for yourself and your friends and families.

The History of Halva

Halva is enjoyed in many cultures and cuisines and has been enjoyed for centuries. The first time we find a mention of halva was in an Arabic book of recipes that was written in 13th century! After that, halvas appear and pop up every century from various countries.

Halvas in Different Regions

You will find at least one form of halva in at least one country in every continent. When travel the world, you will find that every country has halva as their most traditional sweet that is enjoyed during special events and religious occasions. You will halvas in Egypt, Arabic countries, Turkey, Iran, India, Pakistan, most of the Middle East and even in European countries like Greece, Ukraine and more.

Halva is Healthy for You

Did you know that sesame halva is healthy for you? As the main ingredient in this halva is sesame seeds, you get to enjoy the health benefits of sesame while also enjoy a sweet treat that will make you feel happy and good instantly.

However, occasionally eating this halva will nourish your body, promote cell function and integrity, add to your vitamin E intact, keep the heart healthy, boost your immune system and even make your skin look good. There is sugar in this halva so don’t overdo it and ruin your diet. Take in moderation, burn the calories and then enjoy it some more without the side effects.

What To Expect from the Sesame Halva?

If you are new to sesame halva, you will be curious about how it tastes like. The predominant flavor of the halva is sesame, so if you like that then this would be the perfect dish for you. The taste of this halva can be compared to a mellow peanut butter, which makes it very tasty and interesting.

However, since this halva is often available in different flavor, the taste of the halva changes. For example, you can get sesame halva in chocolate flavor, vanilla halva, pistachio halva, chia masala halva, coffee halva and more. Each flavor will taste different and will prove to be heaven for halva lovers.

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