Essential Things To Check When Your WP Site Is Down

WordPress websites are dynamic and come with excellent coding and themes. WordPress CMS is constantly growing, and you can enhance its performance by adding new plugins and modifying customer CSS files. Your website will never experience any major crashes since it is developed with quality codes. However, you can get carried away sometimes by choosing the wrong host, using an insecure plugin, or messing with core files. Right after an issue happens, what should you do? This post will uncover essential things to check if your WordPress website is down. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Things To Check If Your WordPress Site Is Down

Various factors will hit your mind when you find your WordPress website down. And you would be true in thinking about multiple things, as anything could have carried things away. However, it takes an expert mind to locate the exact spot and fix the problem within minutes/hours. However, not everyone is an expert, and we have compiled a few common things to explore when you encounter a WP website down the problem. Let us roll through the list quickly!

1. Verify If The Domain Is Hijacked:

Domain hijacking should be the first thing to check when your website is down. It is a process where someone illegally gains ownership of your domain name and redirects your website to another one. The illegal owner can also keep your WordPress website offline, which leads to downtime for your online visitors. If you don’t keep your username and password safe, anyone can access your domain credentials, and this can happen.

Your domain provider can also encounter security breaches, which lead to WP down issues. What if your domain registration expires? It could be another potential reason your domain name is down and your WP site is not working.

2. Check Your Hosting Server:

The hosting server can be down for multiple reasons, so you better confirm if the problem exists. A hosting server can be down for maintenance purposes which is not that pressing. However, if you experience the problem with a downtime issue from your hosting server, you need to rethink a new host. Your hosting provider will give you a reason and recovery time in this case.

Your hosting server might need repairs, maintenance, or security updates. Apart from these, if you experience frequent downtime issues in your hosting server, you better contact WordPress hosting UAE companies and purchase a reliable plan with maximum uptime!

3. Check If You Have Reached The Hosting Package Limits:

If you exceed your hosting package limits, your WP website will go down, and a few know about this. It would be best to keep an eye on the package limits and renew it before expiration to avoid such problems. Since the hosting subscription gives you access to server resources to support your website, you must never ignore its significance.

Your hosting provider will email you if you have reached or exceeded your hosting package limits. The best solution is to subscribe again to a similar or a new package to get your website online again. Being a wise owner, you better keep an eye on your limits or opt for higher resources to avoid problems.

4. Rule Out Theme And Plugins:

WordPress websites are nothing without themes and plugins; you need to install them for good appearance and functionality. However, WP CMS is an ever-changing dynamic content system, and you must stay updated. If your current theme and plugins are incompatible with the CMS, your website will face a downtime issue. For a theme or plugin to work perfectly, you better update them and provide security fixes.

Another reason associated with themes and plugins is buying insecure products. Various 3rd party stores offer themes and plugins for WP sites. Your website may encounter serious security threats if you purchase them from an unreliable and insecure party.

5. Check Your Website Security:

If your website has encountered a security attack, it will shut down for your online users. Using low-quality themes and plugins means compromised security for your website. Apart from these factors, your hosting provider must also play a crucial role in your site security by offering your HTTPS and SSL certificates.

Most security problems lie with your hosting package, and you must seriously think about this. Why not join hands with a reliable hosting provider like WordPress hosting UAE and add more security to your WP site? It will help you avoid downtime issues and keep bad actors away.

Enhance Your Website Performance With Hosting!

Website hosting can enhance your website performance and security with multiple positive outcomes. The decision can bring numerous advantages to your websites like security, scalability, performance, and resources. Consider calling a reliable web hosting company today and purchase a plan to take your website to new heights!

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