Cane Corso – Why to Adopt?

Cane Corsos are very loyal and loving dogs. While they make good guard dogs, they’re suspicious of strangers. If you’d like to bring a Corso home, you should know some basic facts. This article will tell you about the breed’s history, personality, and typical behaviors. If you’re interested in adopting a Cane Corso, you should contact a rescue organization.

Cane Corsos are a Powerful Breed

A Cane Corso is a very strong and protective breed of dog. While it does not rate high on aggression scales, it does rank high on tolerance for unfamiliar situations. According to the American Temperament Test Society, 88% of cane corsos passed the test, and only 85% of golden retrievers did. Cane Corso has a strong protective instinct and will guard what is taught to them, which can sometimes manifest in destructive behavior.

This dog requires proper socialization and a high level of experience. It needs to be taught why it should obey you. Although this breed is relatively low maintenance in the grooming department, it requires lots of exercise and training to stay healthy and happy. Cane Corsos also need plenty of room to exercise and have a safe environment. This breed should be housed with at least four other dogs.

They are a Good Guards Dog

Cane Corsos make excellent guard dogs and are excellent for those who want to keep their property safe. This breed has a naturally protective nature, which is why their name is “Chors,” meaning protector. These dogs have made excellent guards throughout their history and do not need special training. Here are some tips for choosing a Cane Corso as a guard dog:

To keep your Cane Corso in top health, bathe him at least twice a week. Brush his teeth at least twice a day, which will reduce his tendency to gurgle. You should also inspect his ears weekly to check for infections. If they have a red ear canal, there is probably an infection inside. Never insert anything into his ear canals, and clean his outer ears frequently as well.

They are Devoted to Their Family

Cane Corso adoption is a great idea if you want a dog that is loyal and devoted to its family. These dogs are known for their calm and loving temperament. They enjoy petting and cuddling with their owners and enjoy being in close proximity to their people. These dogs make great pets and are excellent companions. You can expect to spend a lot of time playing with them!

You should also consider the dog’s health before adopting one. Canes are prone to many common health problems. Make sure that any breeder you choose has health clearances for their dogs. This includes eye and hip exams, and registration with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Be sure to read up on common diseases that can affect cane corsos. Make sure your dog has a good dental hygiene regimen as well.

They are Suspicious of Strangers

A Cane Corso dog breed is very protective of its family and is known to be highly suspicious of strangers. Because of this, they require a great deal of socialization and exposure to friendly people. This will help them learn to recognize normal behavior and distinguish it from abnormal behavior. Without the correct socialization, Cane Corso dogs will develop a fear of strangers, which may lead them to bite or become aggressive toward strangers.

This breed originated in Italy, where they were used to guard livestock and homes. They are very fearless watchdogs and are more likely to corner a stranger than bite him or her. This means that it is important to properly socialize a Cane Corso puppy with visitors, service personnel, and even children. They also need plenty of exercise to keep from developing destructive behaviors. This breed should be handled by an experienced owner.

They are Prone to Boredom

It is very important to provide your Cane Corso with a variety of activities that will keep him engaged in play. The breed is known to be mischievous when young, and while bored, this can lead to destructive behavior. When they are home alone, they will follow you around the house, and they will want to play with you. You can also take your Cane Corso out for a long walk, or play on the floor with him. They love to cuddle and will keep you company. While they are very playful when they are young, their playfulness will diminish as they grow older.

Cane Corso is naturally social and requires a lot of interaction with humans to thrive. They form strong bonds with their owners and should not be left alone for long periods. If you are gone, they will become bored and may start digging holes and destroying plants. Otherwise, they may start to bark at your neighbors. When you’re away, try to avoid leaving your Cane Corso home alone for long periods of time, because it may cause your dog to become destructive.

They are a Good Family Pet

Cane Corsos are very affectionate and mellow dogs, which makes them wonderful companions for families. These dogs are incredibly close to their owners and become very attached to them. They love to sit with you, and will also love petting and cuddling with you. However, if you have small children around, it is best to keep them away from them. While they are not aggressive, they do have a tendency to get jealous and stressed when they see infants and babies.

Cane Corsos are good for families because they are easy to train and don’t shed a lot. This breed’s short coat doesn’t require professional grooming, but it is recommended to blow-dry their hair twice a year. This type of dog may not be for everyone, however, so it’s best to consider the lifestyle before getting one. You can find a Cane Corso at a local shelter or rescue, but remember that this breed isn’t for everyone. It’s best to be ready to make the commitment to owning one.

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