Can Dogs Eat Watermelon

Can dogs eat watermelon? Yes, watermelon is alright for your dog to eat. Even better, this fruit could be particularly supportive in keeping them hydrated during an intense summer’s day. However, before giving watermelon to your cane Corso dog, you should understand the limit your dog should have.

What Is the Best Amount of Watermelon for a King Corso Dog?

This healthy fruit has a lot of magnificent supplements including vitamins and minerals. All are incredible for maintaining the health of your king Corso dog.

Yet, before giving watermelon to your beloved pet, you should remove all the seeds and skin. Why? Because they can cause gastrointestinal issues such as gastrointestinal blockage and upset stomachs.

Tips to Give Watermelon to Your Dogs

Specialists suggest that for your dog’s eating schedule, only 10% of calorie utilization should come from snacks or treats. What’s more, vegetables and fruits consumption should never make up above 20% of your pet’s eating schedule.

For a female cane Corso dog who has 25 pounds, she needs to consume between 500 to 750 calories every day relying on their age and physical work. If you want to give watermelon as a treat, then you could give her 50 calories of watermelon daily; which would be around 150 grams in total.

The best time to give watermelon is during hot days, to assist you in hydrating your dog. Better yet, you could give it as a treat for positive performance during the training activities.

Which Parts of Watermelon Can Your Cane Corso Dog Eat?

There are two parts of a watermelon that you should never give to your cane Corso dog, which are the skin and seeds.

Both skin and seeds are risky for cane Corso with ears because they could place your dog in suffocating danger. In fact, your cane Corso dog will experience issues in processing them. While the seeds might be good for some dogs because of the reduced possibility of gastrointestinal hindrance, it would be better to simply keep away from them.

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