Burger Packaging with Custom Design

Burger, who doesn’t crave it? Almost everyone will love to have burgers, whether for lunch, dinner, or maybe just for snacks. This is where you need these impeccable Burger packaging from Frupackaging. We provide you with exclusive burger boxes wholesale to present your tasty burgers to your beloved customers. Running a business in the fast-food market industry can be really challenging, be it a new startup or an experienced brand. Yet, we are here to make things easier for your brand. With these attractive boxes presenting your burgers, you will have to worry about the best way to grab more customers to choose your fast-food brand.

  • No Die & Plate Charge
  • 5 Days Turnaround
  • Order as Low as 50 Boxes
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Exceptional Burger Packaging with Custom Design

Having the most delicious burgers in the town doesn’t guarantee that you can grab new potential customers quickly. We know that some customers can be really loyal to their favorite food brands. Thus, it might be quite difficult for you to encourage them to purchase your burgers. On the other hand, if you have the most exceptional burger packaging that presents the heavenly taste of your burgers, things will be very different.

Frupackaging offers this remarkable packaging with custom design, shape, size, and style. With us, you can apply whatever you want to your product packaging. Even better, you can also apply your own creative design.

The Most Durable Packaging Materials for Custom Burger Boxes

With years of experience, our professionals have the most qualified skills and expertise to create high-end custom burger boxes for our respected clients. You can choose from our durable packaging materials to make the boxes fit your packaging needs and requirements. To get the most impeccable results, you can choose our collections:

  • Cardboard – This is the most widely used packaging material many companies use to produce custom boxes. Cardboard is famous for its customizable and flexible characteristics. This packaging material is perfect for creating any packaging box you need.
  • Corrugated – This durable material will make your boxes sturdy enough to bear tear and wear during the food delivery journey.
  • Rigid – Rigid packaging material is popular to create luxurious and exclusive custom boxes. Apart from its appealing presentation, this material makes your boxes highly durable.
  • Kraft – Kraft is known very well for its eco-friendly property. Many foods and other various brands have been using this packaging material to create their custom packaging boxes.

Appeal to Your Customers with Outstanding Boxes of Burgers

Doing a business in the food market industry requires being competent and confident. In the context of fast food, it requires even more. To appeal to customers, your burgers need to have a heavenly taste. This is obvious. But that’s not all.

Customers need to see how well you take great care of their experience with your brand. Since they will be unable to speak directly to you, they will judge how you present your burgers. Yes, they will explore the boxes of burgers you use to send them their favorite meals. In simple words, your packaging boxes will decide your brand image in front of the public for good or for worse. So, make sure to make the boxes as outstanding as you can.

Splendid Cardboard Burger Boxes for Branding and Marketing Purposes

At Frupackaging, we understand that branding and marketing strategies should be aligned. This is precisely where our splendid cardboard burger boxes come at the right time. How?

Burger packaging box for branding purposes

First of all, an exceptional burger packaging box works perfectly to lead your food brand to the highest market spot. This can be done when you apply your creative design ideas to make your bespoke packaging box. As a brand owner, you understand your food business more than anyone else. Thus, when you apply your own design, you will be able to reflect your brand identity without any hassle.

Burger box packaging for marketing purposes

It is impossible for you to speak or communicate directly to your customers as a brand owner. In this context, your burger box packaging can be a silent salesman without you even realizing it. By displaying a delightful product display. How? By printing an excellent image on your packaging box, the box will promote your burgers without saying any words.

By using the most modern digital and offset printing methods, we will help you print whatever you want on the box. You can even get your company name and brand logo printed on the box perfectly. Additionally, you can add the details of your company, such as office address, website link, and more. This way, your customers can make their future purchases with your brand.

Make Your Burger Packaging Boxes Appealing with Finishing Effects

Apart from printing your burger packaging boxes, you can make your boxes look more impressive with finishing effects. Our professionals understand that you need the most appealing boxes to get higher sales. You can always choose from:

  • UV spot: To make your boxes look more outstanding while also shielding them further
  • Glossy coating; As the name suggests, this coating will give your boxes a glossy effect and make them look shinier
  • Matte coating; With this coating, you can make a hazy effect and elegant display from your boxes
  • Embossing and debossing; These two techniques will make your stunning brand logo, even more pop up
  • Gold or silver foiling; This is the best finishing effect if you wish to create a more luxurious look for your boxes

Whatever finishing effect you choose for your boxes, make sure that it will fit your packaging purposes.

Make Your Patty Boxes Look More Convincing with the Right Box Style

After the pandemic, customers have become more aware of their consuming food. This applies the same to the fast-food market. This is why you need to make your patty boxes look more convincing if you wish to grab more customers.

As an experienced packaging service provider, we offer a wide range of box styles. For your burgers to look more promising, you can choose:

  • Two-piece box style
  • Gable box style
  • Tuck-end box style
  • And more

Gable box style will work well to give the most comfortable way for customers to bring your burgers whenever they go. In fact, many food brands have been using this box style to deliver their food to customers. Meanwhile, the two-piece box style will make your fast food brand looks more professional.

Get Our Free Sample for Excellent Burger Packaging Boxes!

We believe that quality packaging will reflect an excellent brand image. The moment you place your order to Frupackaging, we ensure you will get the most premium packaging and printing solutions. We never make any compromise in delivering exceptional results for our clients. Our competent graphic designers will be with you in every stage of creating your burger packaging boxes.

In case you are thinking about getting the best result, we provide you with a free sample. From the sample, you will get an idea of how your packaging boxes will be. Eventually, you can also modify the boxes as to how you want them to be.

Grab New Customers with Burger Boxes Cardboard!

The more attractive your boxes will be, the more customers will be craving your burgers. Building a solid customer base will not be challenging to increase your sales or grab new potential customers when you can build a solid customer base. Burger boxes cardboard from Frupackaging will be your best marketing device in this case. Our custom boxes not only will display the most appealing product display to appeal to your targeted audience. More than that, these boxes will be your best corner step to reach the highest spot in the fast-food market.

More Reasons to Partner with Fru packaging boxes

When it comes to discussing packaging boxes, you have many options, indeed. However, not all packaging service providers will meet your packaging needs. Some companies might offer boxes at the cheapest rates. But what about the material quality? Notwithstanding, you should also consider the after-sales services, shipping service, and so on.

At US Box Printer, we offer more than just burger packaging boxes to wrap your tasty burgers. The affordable rates we are offering for our custom boxes don’t mean that you will get low-quality boxes. Instead, our experts will provide you with:

  • The most acceptable quality custom boxes with logo
  • Free design support
  • Quick turnaround time
  • No hidden fee
  • Supportive customer representatives
  • Free shipping service

The Most Impeccable Burger Boxes to Preserve Your Burgers

So, don’t you think that your delicious burgers deserve the best product presentation? Most importantly, they deserve to be appropriately preserved. The last thing you want is your customers to receive your burgers in bad conditions and shapes. Eventually, this case will not happen when you have the most impeccable custom burger boxes from Fru packaging.

Yes, there is no compelling reason to waste more time. Simply contact us now and brief all your requirements to our professionals. Frupackaging is the best packaging company you can always rely on to get your business needs and requirements. Place your order now to get the most innovatively designed burger boxes with hassle-free shipping!



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