Top 5 BMW maintenance Tips for You in Dubai

BMW maintenance, Automobiles are marvels of engineering, packed with many parts which work in tandem to make it last for decades in a row. This is why maintaining your vehicle is crucial to ensure that every component functions together which ensures it’s more reliable when it comes to driving.

When you own an expensive car, BMW maintenance, such as one like a BMW You would expect it to be in good running condition and last as long as you can. Although cars are usually stable right out of the box but with a bit of tender attention you can enjoy the time you spend with your four-wheeled baby as easy as you can. This is why we have put together our top 5 tips for make sure that your BMW is in good condition.

Warm up Your Engine:

If the engine of your car is cold, a great procedure is to allow the car rest for approximately five minutes prior to starting the engine. This will ensure that all fluids and oils get back to temperature gradually. Allowing it to warm up slowly can also allow your engine components to expand slowly. Rapid temperature fluctuations could cause excessive wear and tear on the parts. Once everything is properly warmed up, the engine is in a position to perform its task without stress. If you’re on the go you should keep the speed to 3000-3500 rpm until your temperature gauge is steady.

Regular Oil Changes:

The standard recommendation is changing your engine each 10,000km under normal driving conditions. It is also recommended to refer to your car’s owner’s manual to determine the recommended intervals for changing your oil.

The maintenance of the oil is vital as dirt and impurities that accumulate caused by prolonged usage could block the internals of your engine and slow it down.

As time passes, this can result in more serious engine problems as well. If you’re driving your car to the track or driving it often regular oil maintenance are suggested to ensure engines running optimally.

If you’re not sure regarding how often to check your oil levels, or seeking a trustworthy garage to leave your car with, look into BIS Automobiles. They are an authorized service center to service every BMW models which includes BMW maintenance.

Check Your Brake Pads:

Did you know that brakes are a must on the road! Given that they’re 1 1/2 tonnes of metal the ability to bring your vehicle to a stop is vital for the safety of you and other motorists.

Brakes are made through clamping brake pads that are made of friction material to your vehicle’s discs for brakes. This means that brake pads are consumable itemsince the material wears down as time passes.

When your brake pads get worn down they lose their effectiveness and the travel of your brake pedal grows more and more. Your brakes will also be more susceptible to overheating. With continental cars typically being heavier which means that they have greater weight and mass to allow the brakes to stop.

Thus, checking your brake pads frequently and replacing them as they are worn out is crucial to maintain the safety and efficiency of your vehicle.

While your brakes are typically examined during routine maintenance and can be performed in BIS Automotive, it’s recommended to inspect frequently to ensure that everything is working properly between maintenance.

Make Sure Your Tyres are Properly Inflated:

Being the sole part of your vehicle directly touching roads, your tires significantly affect the way that your car runs. So, ensuring you have the correct pressure on your tyres is crucial to ensure that your vehicle runs efficiently and as optimally as it can. A pressure on the tyre that is not enough will cause an increase in rolling resistance and a lower fuel efficiency due to the increase in drag.

In contrast, a tyre pressure that is too high can cause a ‘float’ sensation when driving. Check your ideal pressures for your tyres by consulting your owners’ manual, or on a small sticker that is placed on the door’s pillar for drivers.

Regular Servicing and Vehicle Checks:

Making sure your car is regularly maintenance is essential to maintain the reliability of your vehicle. The workshop, like BIS Automobiles (a one-stop shop for all of your BMW servicing requirements) can help ensure that your car is always in good shape.

They also can maintain new BMWs as well as any replacement parts still covered by warranty:

They’ll examine all repairable components on your car to ensure they’re in good working order replace your engine oil and test all required fluids. Regularly servicing your vehicle at an accredited workshop will give you an easy experience since they are experts at the field they work in. Being the driver of the vehicle you too can improve your vehicle’s performance by ensuring all is in order. Inspecting for puddles underneath your vehicle could alert you of a potential issue like an oil leak or leaks of coolant.

The process of checking the level of your engine’s oil by using the dipstick (or by using a function on your car’s infotainment systems in case you’re feeling looking for something fancy) is also crucial to ensure your engine isn’t leaking oil. If you are willing to put in a amount of effort, you’ll be able to ensure that you are clear of any issues that could arise.

Although written specifically to be used on BMWs the tips are applicable to all vehicles and aid you in keeping your car ownership experience as smooth as it can be.

BIS Automobiles, formerly known as Munich Automobiles, are an authorized BMW service center that repairs and maintains the entire range of BMW models, and specializes the M as well as M Performance models. They also offer warranties claim service for every BMW models as well as BMW M models with a scheduled service appointments that are guaranteed in 3 business days. If you’re a BMW take it to BIS Automobiles to meet all of your service and warranty needs.

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