3 Effective Drinks for Pregnant Women

You need to make many changes in your life when you become pregnant or decide to conceive. The most important changes, during pregnancy, that you have to make are eating and drinking habits. It is important to get information on what a pregnant woman needs to eat and drink and what harmful things she needs to avoid.

These precautions help to maintain the help of women and the baby. It would be a top priority of any woman to stay hydrated. In addition, a gynecologist may also recommend an rft test for pregnant women with increased water consumption, and you can easily check a rft test price in Pakistan. However, consuming water, throughout the day, would be a boring idea for many women.

Therefore, doctors recommend that pregnant women can also consume other fluids other than water. A pregnant woman, during the day, needs to drink almost eighty oz of any form of liquids. These liquids would contain a majority of the water.

While selecting any drink for pregnancy, she needs to make sure that the drink is effective and healthy for her as well as for her baby. In this regard, you can easily find a list of healthy drinks during pregnancy.

Drinks for Pregnant Women

These drinks, including water, would help to maintain the health of pregnant women and the baby:

1- Milk

Pregnant women almost need around about one-thousand milligrams of calcium to support the growth of the bones and teeth of the baby. In addition, calcium consumption of this amount will also improve the muscular and nervous systems during pregnancy.

Adding milk to the list of fluids will be a great idea to get calcium in an appropriate amount. When you consume eight glasses of milk in a single day then you get almost three hundred milligrams of calcium. In addition, non-dairy products such as kale and broccoli can also be other great sources to get calcium.

However, if you consume non-dairy products that are packed with calcium with dairy products, it would provide you with the required amount of this mineral.

The presence of protein is also an added benefit for your baby because it supports the overall growth of the baby. Additionally, it helps you to stay full for quite some time and satisfied.

However, some women are allergic to dairy products; for these women, fortified milk can be a good alternative. Soy milk contains the amount of calcium and protein as the milk of the cow. However, calcium present in soymilk cannot be absorbed well by the body. In addition, according to the best gynecologist in Karachi, you don’t need to use soy milk that has added sugar because it would not be a healthy choice for you and your baby.

2- Ginger Tea

Ginger tea, whether hot or iced, is among the healthy drinks that are considered safe during pregnancy. It is not only safe but also possesses some benefits for pregnant women. Usually, most women, during pregnancy, experience nausea, and this naturally helps to soothe the unsettled stomach.

However, for most people, the taste of ginger tea is not joy able and they cannot consume it without adding sugar. Adding some sugar and honey to it would be fine as long as you manage the daily intake of sugar and calories. It is necessary to manage this intake if you are consuming this tea regularly.

You can easily find packs of ginger tea in the bazaar, but medical specialists argue that we don’t know exactly what types of ingredients are present in these packs. Therefore, we need to avoid these packs. Brewing ginger tea from natural sources with fresh sliced ginger would be more effective and a better idea.

3- Smoothies

Smoothies, if you make them at home, would be a delicious and healthy drink for pregnant women. Why we recommend homemade smoothies because when they are made at stores, they don’t take proper precautions while making them like they don’t wash different fruits properly. As it increases the risks of bacteria in these smoothies that affect the health of women as well as the baby.

In addition, they also don’t use juices from fresh fruits. Instead, they use artificial juices which are not healthy for both of them. In addition, when the requirement of nutrients, calcium, etc. increases during pregnancy, smoothies and vegs would prove to be a greater option.

There are a number of recipes for wonderful smoothies that are considered pregnancy-friendly. To make healthy smoothies, wash properly some greens and add them. In addition, you can also use milk and yogurt to get enough amount of protein and calcium. While making smoothies, try to add sugar in limited amounts.

The Bottom Line

Drinks like milk or fresh juices are essential to be consumed during pregnancy because they help maintain a healthy pregnancy. In addition, these drinks also reduce complications associated with pregnancy.

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