While it may not be to be as crucial as the camping tent and First-aid kits A powerful sturdy and reliable lantern is crucial to ensure safety and comfort when you go camping. Camping lanterns come in many sizes and shapes these days and choosing the best one can be difficult. To help you, we talked to experts in camping and outdoor gear to learn their tips for lanterns they would make use of to illuminate their camping sites. For additional hiking and camping gear suggestions, read our guides on the best camping hammocks, hiking and backpacking essentials, camping stoves along with camp chairs

What are we looking for?

High-BrightnessA lamp’s light output is measured as lumens. any lantern that produces at or near to 200 lumens is enough to allow you to observe the surroundings. Other lights that are decorative, like string lights, which we’ve listed in this listing, release between 60 and 100 lumens, but are not designed to be used to illuminate large areas.

Source of power:Most modern camping lanterns are powered by conventional batteries that recharge (some of them are powered by solar) as well as gas. If you’re cooking with gas at the campsite and you’re looking for a lantern powered by gas, they can be very efficient as they will use up fuel that could otherwise be put away. Gas-powered lanterns generate an ignition, which generates heat. If you’re seeking an energy source for lighting inside enclosed spaces, such as the tent, choose an electric lantern.

weight:A lantern’s weight can be a clue to how portable it is. Certain models weigh more than one pound and are best designed for camping in the car while others are lighter usually because they’re inflatable and suitable for backpacking.

Run time: A lantern’s battery dying during the excitement of a camp dinner can be a complete disaster. We haven’t yet assessed each model’s max time of operation and we’ve listed the models’ estimated run time. Charging capabilities: A lot of these models come with built-in USB ports within their batteries, which allows users to charge other devices such as your smartphone or headlamp.

BioLite AlpenGlow 500 Lantern

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The grapefruit-sized BioLite AlpenGlow is from three of our experts. All of them have praised its flexibility. It’s a fully-equipped camping lantern with many useful features, including multi-color settings (which you can alter through shaking), “cool white” and “warm white” settings, an charging port, as well as an ability to decrease the light. “The Biolite AlpenGlow is the most versatile portable light I’ve ever owned, both outdoors and at home,” writes writer and columnist Ebony Roberts. “I use it for with me on road trips and camping as well as my preferred choice for backyard BBQs and entertaining guests. It’s bright when you need it to be, but completely dimmable. It also doubles as a reading lamp before the bed, and lasts for a long time without requiring a recharge. Color-changing modes are great fun and the simple design makes it simple to use even for kids. I also appreciate the fact that you can utilize it to charge my phone when the battery is running down.” Writer and freelance outside Gear Reviewer Jakob Schiller likes the size and flexibility of the smaller 250-lumen variant from the AlpenGlow: “What I’ve found is that you don’t really need an enormous lantern. It’s enough to be able light the table. When I’m in motion or want to illuminate my tent, I’ll use the headlamp.

Black Diamond Moji Lantern

The 200-lumen flashlight made by Black Diamond is the perfect accessory for any hiking or camping excursion where you’ll need headlamps. “I went camping in the Tetons last summer for a week, and I kept this at the campsite the whole time,” writes the editor of the Strategist section, Maxine Builder. The Moji isn’t equipped with carrying handles, which means it’s not the best choice to carry around, the writer claims (but this is what headlamps are used for, anyway). “It was great for lighting our dinner when you don’t want to feel like you’ve got headlamp tunnel vision and for just hanging out in the tent.” If you’re looking to find a friend to increase visibility at an already lit campsite consider the Moji. “It’s just so small and unobtrusive and cute,” Builder says.

Coleman Quad Pro 800l LED Lantern

Coleman Quad Pro Coleman Quad Pro comes recommended to us by our Strategist contributor Steven John, who brings the 3-pound lantern with him each time he camp. It’s perfect for large groups where several individuals will require separate lighting source (if they don’t use headlamps). “Every every time I go camping one of the first items on my checklist for setting up the campsite is to hang the Coleman Quad Pro lantern somewhere in the middle of the campsite. This way when the sun goes down I’ll be able to light up some dozen square feet with the press of a button” the author writes. “Each LED panel can also be popped off to serve as its own smaller lantern, casting 180 degrees of light, or used as flashlights.”

LuminAID PackLite Titan 2-in-1 Power Lantern

The Titan comes with the solar panel of 16 square inches on the top making it perfect for backpacking and hiking. It can be hung or attach on the back of your backpack during the day as it absorbs sun in the evening, and then be able to fully charge your lighting (and energy) source by night.This was the primary lantern I carried on a 10-day road-trip and car-camping adventure this past year, both in the West as well as in California. I appreciate its ability to swivels to expand, instead of having to be inflatedwhich is a great feature for me when I was exhausted after a long day of hiking. The exterior is soft transparent plastic that’s not unpleasant to the eyes.we also reviewed the less powerful counterpart to The Titan Titan, the Max in our review of gear that can aid you to to survive power outages. The Titan was highly suggested from Jason Charles,


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