10 Proven Health Benefits Of Green Tea Matcha in Bahrain

Green tea matcha has become the trend as of late because the green coffee took the world by storm. Not just that but the appeal of the green coffee in Bahrain totally made people want to jump on the bandwagon. What began as a trend on Tik Tok soon emerged as one of the most popular coffee choices all around the world. So if you are someone looking to buy online coffee in Bahrain, simply keep your eyes peeled to this space and learn where you can get it from. 

Why should you be invested in green tea matcha? This is why:

The Energy Is Not Unhealthy

The caffeine in tea is not the same as the caffeine in coffee and that is why many people experience various side effects when they drink coffee. For example, the caffeine high from coffee is intense and can often make you jittery. After that, there also comes a crash. The secret behind this is L-theanine. This is an amino acid that becomes an antagonist against caffeine and calms your nervous system. It’s a part of the green tea matcha coffee in Bahrain and it is preferred because it gives the energy boost but without the shakiness and jitteriness that comes with other forms of caffeine. If you want to buy online coffee in Bahrain make sure it is this one.


Heart Health Is Not Compromised

Matcha is a green tea but also categorized under coffee in Bahrain. This matcha is packed with powerful antioxidants that are known as catechins. Drinking this or consuming these through green tea has been proven to be good for your heart health. Unlike coffee which can put a strain on your heart, matcha is also high in epigallocatechin gallate which is good for supporting and maintaining artery health. Matcha is also known to contribute to healthy cholesterol levels.

Memory Perks

Drinking matcha everyday can help improve cognitive functioning in 3 months. Moreover, those who were given matcha in a study showed better response time, memory, and attention when compared with those who were not. Is matcha the solution to memory deficits and attention problems? Color us green!

Say Yes To Better Metabolism

Green tea and especially matcha green tea is known to be good for your healthy digestion and metabolism. Other coffee is not good because it immediately engages your digestive system and can often make IBS worse. You must have seen the memes already about how coffee affects your metabolism and we’re here to tell you you don’t need to do that to yourself! Shift to matcha green tea and learn that everything can be good even when you’re getting a caffeine kick.

Stress Response Is Not As Activated

You also have to understand that several studies have been done in order to arrive at these conclusions. It has been studied that when people were given a drink containing l-theanine or a placebo, the stress response of the former was lesser. Their cortisol production had not spiked, the hormone linked to stress, whereas those with the placebo had a higher cortisol level. This is also to say that the ingredient in matcha lowers your cortisol too.

Antioxidants Are Good For You

Antioxidants are preferred in skincare and in food alike! They are a good source of protection from the free radicals in the environment and matcha is a powerhouse of antioxidants. Matcha’s Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) rating, which is how the antioxidant capacity of foods is measured suggests that matcha has 15 times more antioxidants than berries even!


Helps With Better Moods

The benefits of matcha’s l-theanine are never-ending but this is why they are interesting: they are linked to the chemical make-up of the body. Matcha can also impact neurotransmitters in the body, these are the chemical and electric messengers that convey information from your brain to your body. Neurotransmitters are linked to how we feel. For instance, matcha helps regulate serotonin in our bodies which in turn regulates happy feelings. Then it also triggers dopamine release which gives a rewarding sensation and GABA also regulates anxiousness.


Liver Function Is Also Improved

Our livers are impacted each day when we consume sodas. Our vitality is affected by us ingesting chemical-laden foods and the air pollution has already cut our life expectancy down. One of the best things you can do for your body is to have those foods and drinks that work on detoxifying and can also clean up your cells. One of the major organs responsible for filtering out harmful toxins in your body is the liver and matcha is linked to improving liver health.

Improves Attention

Matcha has caffeine and l-theanine and together they cause relaxed effectiveness which means that the caffeine can increase your alertness but keep you relaxed at the same time. This energy is ideal for finishing tasks and being productive. The energy from caffeine alone is not good for someone who wants to finish their tasks and improve their mental health too.


Your ability to be productive should not come at the cost of you not being able to control your jitteriness which is one of the consequences of caffeine alone.

Immune Function Is Made Healthier

This is why matcha is also the best thing for you, it gives you antioxidants and amino acids which can make the functioning of your immune system better! These ingredients ensure that your body’s anti-inflammatory response is made stronger and it is brought into overall functioning to make you a stronger individual.


Nowadays with the host of viruses going around and the radicals we fight in our everyday life, we need to ensure that our immune function is strong and does not falter when it is needed to work. A drink that helps you be productive and also ensures that you improve your overall health is a dream come true. This is why you need this kind of caffeine, healthy caffeine in your life so get on the matcha green tea life.

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