10 Important Pregnancy Care Tips during Monsoon

Monsoon and rains are one of the beautiful experiences that nature gives us. The lush greenery and the chill winds after those first rains are a blissful experience. Monsoon, along with pregnancy, is a delightful combination. You can enjoy the rain with your baby, have lazy mornings during the rain, and sip on some hot soup during cold evenings. Special care during the monsoon is very essential for every person. It becomes all the more crucial when you are pregnant. As the rainy season is more notorious for its illness, pregnant women must always be on the vigil and keep diseases at bay. This article is to elaborate on the ten most important pregnancy care tips during this monsoon.

1. Nutrition and a balanced diet are the keys.

During the monsoons, our immunity tends to be on the lower scale. Combined with this low immunity and high illness probability, pregnant women must take extra care of themselves. One step in that direction is to eat a nutritious and wholesome diet. Eat hot and freshly cooked foods. Make sure to consume more fruits and vegetables that are suitable for the monsoon season. Since there is a high chance to contract a cold, eat selectively.

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2. Never miss out on liquids.

Irrespective of the season, hydration is a must. During monsoons, we tend to reduce our water consumption due to the cold weather. However, water is very essential for body function. And this reduction in water intake causes dehydration issues for pregnant women, which can be dangerous for the baby. Make sure that you do not consume empty calories like fruit juices loaded with sugar. Coconut water is great for you if you like juices.

3 . Avoid eating out at any cost.

In an unavoidable situation, it can be preferred. But, if it is the rainy season, then there are no more excuses. Eating out is the major cause of numerous gut-related issues during the monsoon as there are high chances of water contamination and diseases. Apart from this, the ingredients used in making this food are not natural and organic. They tend to add several chemicals to them, which can cause hormonal disruptions.

4.  It is vital to keep tabs on personal hygiene.

One thing is for sure; you cannot take any risk with your hygiene during the monsoons. Washing hands and sanitizing are indispensable in this season. It becomes all the more important during pregnancy; because the doctors cannot prescribe heavy medicines for your illness. The medicines may affect the baby, and hence it is advisable to stay safe to avoid hospitalization. So, it becomes essential to maintain the health of you and your immediate family to protect the baby. If at all; you require medicines, buy generic medicines online in the USA and avoid venturing out in the rains.

5. Keep your surroundings sanitized.

Microbes are everywhere during monsoon rains. It is watery everywhere, and the chances of water-borne infections are at their peak. Check for water logging near your house. Also, ensure that you clean your house with strong disinfectants to keep germs at bay. Ensure washing your hands and legs before you enter your house. There are possibilities of molds growing during the rains. This can be prevented by cleaning the bedsheets and upholsteries regularly and drying them well.

6. Keep mosquitoes at bay.

Monsoons and mosquitoes are synonymous. With water everywhere during the rainy season, there starts the breeding season for mosquitoes. They enter our homes, and the threat is real. We cannot avoid water logging all the time. The only way is to ensure that there is no logging near your house so that it does not become a hotspot. Also, try mosquito repellent creams and fabric roll-ons to ward off those tiny creatures. You can also use liquidators in your rooms to control them. Ensure you close your windows before it starts getting dark. Use mosquito nets on doors and windows and also for sleeping.

7. Have extra care while choosing footwear.

Wearing the right footwear is essential for pregnant women to help them support their bodies. Also, the way we walk changes during pregnancy. So, it becomes crucial to keep friendly footwear that is comfortable and supportive. During monsoons, the threat is intensified by the presence of logged water everywhere and slippery surfaces. Pregnant women must take extra caution while treading such places.

8. Make sure to invest in monsoon-friendly clothing.

One of the worst experiences during the rains is the smell of damp clothes. The clothes take ages to dry, and wearing such clothes leads to fever and cold. There are possibilities of skin infections as well. Therefore, it is essential to wear clothing appropriate to the climate. Try to wear clothes that are easy to dry. Avoid jeans and denim as much as possible. It is a must to use natural fabrics for pregnant women. Try to use cotton and muslin as much as possible.

9. Bathing and disinfection go hand-in-hand.

Always try to use disinfectants in your bath water to get rid of the germs. Also, take a bath immediately after coming home from outside. It is best to avoid getting wet.

10. It is always better to be over-prepared.

It is always easy and beneficial to buy generic medicines online in the USA beforehand and stock it as there might be supply disruptions during rains.

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